Discover The Secret Of Long And Silky Hair With Tips For Silky Hair

Wondering how to get long and silky hair? Having shiny silky hair is desire of every lady but hardly few manage to have those. Some get silky shiny hair through their family genes and some get it with high maintenance and care. It is an agreed fact that in any corner of mind and heart, everyone gets envy with other’s silky long tresses. And obviously those who envy for silky shiny hair strongly desire to have such kind of hair. But the point is how to get shiny hair at home without giving any damage to hair. Usage of commercial hair care products to achieve desired results in hair is very common. And the surprising fact is in spite of knowing its potential damage; people are regular to this habit.

It is high time to realize the fact that commercial chemical based hair care products would not do any benefit to hair. In fact, it will put hair in intense damage state and could even give permanent damage to hair. So, staying away from the vicious circle of choosing one or the other well marketed expensive hair care product is the best policy. So, the very first rule of getting silky, long and shiny hair is very clear. Now, it comes to the body needs that demand some essential nutrients and proteins for better growth of hair.

Want to know how to get long and silky hair at home then? It is very important to eat right things to get beautiful hair. If the diet of an individual lacks essential vitamins, proteins and nutrients then surely hair will get prone to damage and other problems. Hence, try and include green veggies, milk, sprouts, nut, fish and other high protein and vitamin food items is very necessary. To prevent hair problems such as dull and dry hair, dandruff and many more, healthy plays an important role. Healthy diet helps in improving the blood purification process which would keep all hair issues at bay. Balanced diet also helps in improving texture of hair and adds softness in it. Drinking adequate amount of water is also very much important. Try and drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Reaching below this level would create dehydration problem in body which also makes the hair scalp dry and itchy.

Beyond some easy changes in lifestyle and routine activities in it, there are other unintentionally activities that causes damage to hair and takes away its shine. It is important to know those factors that are constantly damaging hair and harming their texture and overall appearance. Take a look at the list of some physical or external factors causing damage to hair:

  • Sun exposure: Sun rays have great potential to harm hair and hair scalp when it comes into direct contact with it. The ultra violet rays of sun takes away the moisture from scalp and the excessive heat strips down the level of essential natural oil in hair. Also, it has the capability to disturb the pH level of hair scalp which will eventually lead to dull and dry hair. Hence, it is very important to protect hair from prolonged exposure to sun rays directly or even directly. If one knows that they would be staying out in sun for some hours then it is better to something to cover hair like head wrap, hat or any cap.
  • Excess usage of heat machines: In hurry many ladies use hair dryers or blowers to dry their hair. They are not familiar with the fact that drying hair in this unnatural way will eventually lead to permanent dry hair. Excess of usage of heat machines like hair dryer, blower, straightening rods, curling tools is not good for hair and it takes away the moisture of hair. Also, heating machines makes the hair scalp and hair dehydrated permanently making them dry and brittle in texture. So, its next to impossible maintain silky and shiny hair after such harsh machine over hair.
  • Air pollutants: Everyone goes out of home every day for some or the other work. And moving out of home means dealing with lots of pollution and air pollutants. Air pollutants damage hair adversely and make them lose their natural texture and shine. The air pollutants cause irritation in hair scalp and make it prone to breakage and damage very easily. Hence, it is better to protect hair from such harmful external elements by covering hair properly or using any essential oil like coconut oil as a protective shield to prevent hair damage.
  • Hair styling habits: Some people have the habit of experimenting different hair styles by using various hair styling products and technique. It is good to look smart and impressive with some different hair style but putting hair in such process on regular basis is not healthy. Products used in hair styling like hair sprays, gels, and the technique puts immense pressure on hair making them weak and prone to breakage.

There are many more activities and factors that trouble hair and makes the maintenance of silky shiny hair a difficult job. But not to worry folks, the natural ways and remedies would always be on your side to protect and repair hair anytime sitting at home. So, if someone is really serious about exploring the natural ways of getting shiny locks then there are plenty of options offered by nature. Some of the easy homemade ways to tell the story of how to get long and silky hair at home are as follows:

  • Eggs deep conditioning:

    Surprised to find that egg is one of the solutions to your question – how to get long and silky hair? Well, egg is regular pick of people who really care about their hair as well as beauty. The sole reason behind this easy pick is the extreme potential of egg in beauty department. There are tons of benefits of using egg for hair. Egg is rich in every section whether proteins, vitamins, nutrients or fatty acids. It is just like everything under one hood. There are endless tips for silky hair that includes egg. So, ladies if you really want to have those long and silky tresses then start picking up some eggs. One easy way of using egg for hair is prepare a smooth paste of egg white, honey and olive oil. Just take one tablespoon of honey and olive oil and add them in one egg white. Apply that paste over damp scalp and hair and cover head from shower cap. Now let the paste work over head for half an hour and then wash it away with mild shampoo.
  • Nourishment of coconut oil:

    The benefits of coconut oil are well versed to every girl through their grandmother or mother’s story. For every mom, coconut oil is an ultimate key for the problem – how to get long and silky hair at home. There is no doubt over the point or results of coconut oil in any case. Coconut oil helps in retaining and restoring the moisture in hair and repairs damaged hair. Its deep nourishment makes the hair healthy and shiny at regular usage. One could choose organic coconut oil or Dabur Vatika Coconut Oil to treat their hair. Beyond regular massage of coconut oil, sometimes give a twist to the monotonous routine by adding few curry leaves in coconut oil. Heat the curry added oil for few minutes and then let it cool down. Now do massage with that oil and then wrap a warm towel over hair for half an hour. Later wash hair with mild shampoo.
  • Aloe Vera and Coconut oil for hair:

    In the world of beauty and tips for silky hair, Aloe Vera is considered a great conditioner as well as rebuilding agent. Aloe Vera gel has some properties that helps in moisturizing hair to great extend. Aloe Vera is also used to get rid of frizzy hair and stubborn dandruff in hair. On the other hand, coconut oil is beneficial in providing deep nourishment and shine in hair. To use the combination of both these ingredients, mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, four tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and three tablespoons yogurt together. Now, mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Now, gently apply the paste over damp hair and let it work for half an hour. At the end, wash head with lukewarm water. Doing this practice once in a week would add shine to hair and will make it silkier.
  • Honey for hair:

    The sweet kitchen ingredient honey is the perfect answer for those who always ask how to get long and silky hair. From ages, honey is considered an effective remedy for shiny hair. Honey works as natural humectants and helps in retaining moisture in hair. One easy way to use honey is just take two cups of warm water and add two tablespoon of honey in it. Store this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it after doing every head wash or shampoo. Remember to massage the hair scalp gently after spraying the honey solution for five minutes and then rinsing it with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Following this tip for silky hair once in a week is more than enough and it will surely add some shine to hair.
  • Beer hair tonic:

    Don’t be shocked to find beer as the solution for your problem of how to get long and silky hair. Well, beer is not a kitchen ingredient or found in every house. But it could be racked up in fridge for hair care purpose. Beer contributes in hair care as an effective hair tonic due to its malt and hops protein content. These proteins help in nourishing hair follicles and repairing the damaged hair cuticles. And the biggest benefit of using beer is it adds shine and luster in hair. To use beer as a hair tonic, shampoo hair and apply some flat beer from roots to ends of hair. Now, gently massage scalp in circular motion and let the beer sit over hair for 5-10 minutes. At the end, rinse head with lukewarm water. Try and practice this tip every second week to see shine in hair.

As the above home remedies could help in getting shiny and silky hair, there are many other which could work in the benefit of hair. So, keep on exploring more homemade tips or home remedies for hair and also learn how to make hair silky.

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