11 Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair

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11 Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair
If someone tells you that there’s something that you absolutely need to do to make your hair healthy, luscious or long, you might have been tricked into believing something that wouldn’t be able to help you much. There are so many “rules” and natural beauty tips for hair out there that it often becomes difficult to realize which one to follow and which ones are just downright silly. But these natural hair care tips are going to help you know what will help you, and what tips you can toss aside.
  1. Using one shampoo reduces its benefits
    Whoever said that after using a shampoo repeatedly, it stops working was sadly mistaken. It’s been spread around so much that now, many people consider it to be true. But truth be told, it isn’t so. A lot of people are so used to the benefits of their shampoos that they wouldn’t stop using it for anything! The key is to ensure that you know you hair type and find the shampoo that suits your hair the best. There’s no real link to repeated use of your favourite shampoo and unhealthy hair. So if you like what you have, feel free to keep using it! You can always try the all-natural Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo and feel your hair growing natural healthy.
  2. Cutting your hair regularly makes it grow
    We’re sure that you must have heard this one from a lot of people – “regular trimming of hair leads to hair growth”. But then again, don’t forget to correct that certain someone the next time they tell you that. While trimming helps to avoid split ends and keeps the hair healthy, it doesn’t affect the way that the hair actually grows. With the help of some natural beauty tips for hair, it can grow from the roots, not the ends. Don’t let this keep you from giving your hair a trim every 2-3 months but just be aware that it doesn’t increase length or growth.
  3. Plucking grey hair makes more grey hair grow
    No matter how many grey hairs your pluck, it won’t make more of their counterparts grow. Plucking the hair does tend to irritate the follicle which leads to unhealthy hair. And that is where the myth gets its origin! In any case, just try to stay away from bad plucking habits altogether as much as possible.
  4. Over-shampooing helps
    No matter how much you love that lingering fragrance of your favourite shampoo, if you think that “shampoo, rinse, repeat” is a good idea, you need to know the details before you consider doing it. The first time you shampoo, you wash out the dirt, grime and oil. The second time you shampoo, you basically give the hair strands nourishment, so that’s when you massage and lather. So it’s advisable to not shampoo over and over again. If you ask a hair specialist or a stylist, they’ll clearly tell you that you need not use too much of shampoo the second time around because that will only strip your scalp of the natural oils and make your hair super dry.
  5. Combing hair from top to bottom
    Though combing is a great way to detangle hair, and you should always detangle your hair sooner that later to keep it healthy and protected try not to feed into it! As good as it might sound, over-combing hair from top to bottom can cause a lot of breakage, especially if it’s wet! So, try starting at the ends, and working your way up from there.
  6. Lighten your hair with sunlight
    While sunlight does prove to be one of the best natural beauty tips for hair, it’s not exactly a method that you should try on. Contrary to what people believe, the scalp is very sensitive and can be prone to sunburn, damaged follicles. It can cause your scalp irreparable damage and can even leave your hair feeling dry undernourished. So if you want to lighten your hair, try to do it with a more natural lightening product like lemon, and stay out of the harsh sun rays too frequently.
  7. Brushing 100 strokes a night makes hair healthy
    Though regular brushing is good for you because it helps untangling your strands and more importantly, it increases blood circulation and therefore helps stimulate your hair follicles, the famous "100 strokes a night before bed" doesn’t really help your hair grow healthier. 100 stokes might be a bit too much! Please be sure to confidently strike this myth off your list, because today, most of us don't have time for that anyway. Before going off to sleep, just give your hair a good brush with tipped bristles so you don't tear your strands. Clear out any tangles with your fingers and then follow it up with some gentle brushing till your hair is nice and smooth.
  8. Sleeping with your hair open enhances growth
    An old saying goes that if you sleep with your hair down, it gives your scalp and roots room to breathe, making it easier for your hair to grow. Well, to tell you the truth, the whole idea is quite silly. Sleeping with your hair open tangles you hair up, and the oils from your hair spreads over your skin, giving you acne if your skin is sensitive. Therefore, it is better to twist your hair into a bun or tying it in to a loose comfortable braid instead of tightly pulling it up, which will cause tearing. A loose clip or bun on top of your head keeps hair out of your face. After all, your scalp just needs natural hair care tips to become healthy and well-nourished. Just make sure you don’t tie up your hair too tight, that will only tug at the roots and cause hair breakage when you twist and turn in your sleep. And always sleep on a silk pillow case, it tends to be gentler on your hair in comparison to cotton pillowcases.
  9. Your hair stops growing after a while
    Once it reaches its full potential length, they say that after a certain point, hair stops growing. In reality, if you take proper care of your hair by following some of the best natural beauty tips for hair and follow a well-balanced diet, your hair can grow as long as you want it to be. Your diet effects most of your hair health, so be sure you eat lots of nutrient rich foods, avoid processed foods, and get enough protein. However, if you have developed split ends in the tips, your hair will definitely not grow longer.
  10. Stress causes grey hair to grow
    Grandmothers and mothers, both pass down certain myths in the family that many women of the younger generations start believing. One of these myths is that grey hair is caused by stress. This hair myth is after all just another myth because in reality, grey hair is caused by genetic influence. Research has shown that stress can affect your genes, but truth be told, it would take a very long time for it to change your genes so much that it affects how fast your hair greys. So, never believe that stress has anything to do with your hair turning grey. It's got more to do with your genetic makeup and DNA than anything else.
  11. Tying ponytails helps reduce dandruff
    This myth states that if you put your hair up in a ponytail, tie it up in a bun, or put it up in a different way, you'll How To Remove Dandruff. While these are all cute styles, the truth is, they don't do a thing for dandruff! This method will hide any flakes, but from there on, you need to take care of your hair and eliminate those pesky little flakes with the right product like Dabur Vatika Lemon & Henna Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.
  12. 12. Cold water nourishes your hair
    Thought it is a popular belief amongst many hair stylists, but in reality it’s just a myth, so ladies, don't freeze yourselves. Cold water does not make your hair any better than it is. However, extreme heat, whether from water or a hair dryer, or even the sun, can damage your hair. If you think of it practically, cold water don’t efficiently rinse products out of your hair as well as lukewarm water, and they don't make your hair any healthier or shinier. Though cold water can appear to make your hair shinier temporarily, lukewarm water can help your hair grow faster by stimulating the follicles on your head.
The popularity of these myths is unbelievable and to think that millions of people believe in them seems to be unreal. Hopefully, these best natural beauty tips for hair have made you become an unbeliever in these myths. Are there any hair myths that you were surprised to believe? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments section below. Learn more various tips on home remedies for soft hair.

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