Monsoon Skin Care Dos & Don’ts

Your skin is your crowning glory. But does it become a matter of stress and concern for you at the onset of monsoon? Does it end up losing all its glow and sheen with the very first drop of the rain? That’s because your normal skin care regime is not enough to keep it fresh and smooth in the rainy season.

While rains bring respite from the heat and sweat, it can wreak havoc on your skin if no proper care is taken. From robbing your skin of its natural glow to causing irritation and rashes; monsoon spell bad news for almost all skin types. Following a proper monsoon skin care routine that include using choice products and easy yet effective tricks can help you weather any storm and put a fresh and glowing face forward.

Here are few dos and don’ts for a perfect monsoon skin care routine that will help cure your beauty woes and give you a naturally glowing and beautiful looking skin.

Essential dos to follow for skin care in monsoon :

1) Deep cleansing is must :

Cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day to remove excess grime and oil that can clog your pores. Perhaps the best monsoon skin care tip that you can use is to add Dabur Gulabari Rose Water to your daily skin care at home routine. A natural toner, it not only deeply cleanses the skin but also lightens the skin tone while refreshing it completely.

2) Right moisturiser means the right care :

The humidity levels during monsoon can further dry your skin. Keeping it hydrated with a good quality moisturise should be your top priority at all times. For dry skin care routine, apply a nourishing moisturizer like Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Cold Cream to keep your skin moist, supple and healthy. Enriched with natural rose extracts, the cream maintains the moisture balance in the skin while adding natural rose like glow to it. This is monsoon skin care at its simplest best.

3) Scrub the oil off your face :

Monsoon can be a real nightmare for people blessed with oily or acne prone skin. It is essential that you exfoliate your skin daily to rid it of dead cells but do so gently. Therefore, a homemade skin care routine for oily skin can go a long way in keeping it squeaky clean and oil free. Just grind a handful of almonds in a mixer. Add a spoonful of honey and few drops of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water to make a paste and apply on the face. The scrub makes for an effective skin care at home routine for oily skin as almonds help in lightening the skin tone and reducing blemishes while honey and rose water aid in moisturising and smoothening the skin.

4) Keep impurities at bay :

As the weather shifts from hot to humid, taking care of the skin as per the demands of the weather becomes essential. Making a small change in your beauty regime will not only give you a beautiful looking skin but also help you combat skin infections that become a norm during the rainy season. A simple remedy like homemade face wash will help flush out the toxins and lend a natural radiance to the skin. Mix a spoonful each of fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder and paste of ground basil leaves with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water and use it to wash your face.

This face wash works particularly well as the best skin care routine for oily skin but can also be used for other skin types as a remedy for skin care in monsoon.

The don'ts:

1) Avoid washing Face with Hot Water:

As part of your regular monsoon skin care regime, avoid washing your face with hot water. Hot water weakens the skin callipers and causes skin damage.

2) Avoid Bleaches :

Say no to bleach during monsoon! You may use bleach in any other season, but bleaching your face in monsoon would result in rough and dry skin.

3) Keep your skin Clean :

Do not forget to make cleansing your skin properly every night before going to bed as part of your daily monsoon skin care routine. Not cleaning your skin adequately translates to bacterial invasion, which is among one of the major causes of breakouts and acne during monsoon.

4) Use Sunscreens :

Although overcast skies are a norm during monsoon but that does not mean you should ignore the presence of harmful ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. Rain or no rain, using a good quality sun block cream with SPF properties should be made an essential part of your daily monsoon skin care routine.

Don't let the rains play a spoil sport on your skin. Follow our blog for more such dos and don’ts for flawless skin in monsoon.

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