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Fem Fairness Natural
Bleach Cream- Get Instant Fairness

Every woman today desires to have smooth glowing skin with no dark spots, patchiness, sun tan etc. Hence they always have a hidden wish for flawless complexion and skin. Bleaching helps to eliminate these and reveal their flawless face. The goal of facial bleaching is to transform. Application of bleach lightens the skin complexion by reducing the concentration of the skin darkening pigment.
Historically women were apprehensive due to bleach having chemical and the fact that it might harm skin. But now with the launch of FEM Fairness Naturals Bleach with No Added Ammonia makes a whole new difference in the world of bleaching. No Added Ammonia ensures that you experience safe and gentle bleaching & also comes with a rejuvenating fragrance that makes the bleaching experience more pleasant.
Apart from giving instant and long lasting healthy glow and fairness, facial bleaching also helps clean clogged pores thereby helping the skin breathe, reduce pigmentation and remove dead cells. This makes bleaching not just a special occasion use skin care product, but a regular part of one's healthy skin care regime. Once or twice a month use of facial bleach is ideal to maintain a lively and glowing face.

FEM FairnessNaturals bleach comes in 6 variants:

Fem Saffron Bleach, Instant Glow on Face 

How to get instant golden glow for special occasions

This variant contains real gold dust and makes your special occasions an opportunity to look your glowing best.

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Fem Saffron Bleach, Instant Glow on Face 

How to get long lasting radiance with FEM Diamond Crème Bleach

The diamond variant contains real diamond dust. It rejuvenates skin and gives it a supple and healthy look.

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Fem Saffron Bleach, Instant Glow on Face 

How to get instant glow on face with Fem Saffron Bleach Cream

The saffron variant enriched with milk is perfect for fair skin. It lightens dark facial hair, spots and pigmentation, giving healthy instant glowing skin and flawless fairness.

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Fem Pearl Bleach, Tan Removal Cream 

How to get instant fairness with Fem Pearl Bleach Cream

This variant with pearl and milk is for wheatish skin lightens skin tones and removes sun tan, giving a pearl like healthy glow.

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Fem Turmeric Bleach, Best Bleach for Sensitive Skin 

How to get instant fairness with Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach Cream

This herbal variant, enriched with turmeric and milk is perfect for sensitive skin. Inspired by the home made urban, it removes dead cells, sun tan, lightens skin tone and gives a healthy fairness.

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Fem Gold Bleach, Golden Facial Cream 

How to get instant glow on face with Fem Gold Bleach Cream

The gold variant meant for special occasions is enriched with the goodness of real 99.9% pure 24 carat gold, to give an unmatched instant long-lasting golden glow.

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