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Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive
Hair Oil Review by Ruhi

Hair oil has always scared me !!! Yes I always ran away when my mum asked me to oil my hair and that trend continued till my late teens, till I realised the importance of oiling my hair. So recently when Dabur Vatika team approached me to try and review their new Dabur Vatika Enrich Olive Hair Oil I was quite keen to see what Dabur Vatika has to offer.

According to Dabur Vatika, along with the nourishment of olive, it also has extracts of Almond Protein and Aloe Vera. It works on the root level and reduces hair fall by 50%, making the hair silkier and bouncier.

Olive - Strengthens each strand from root to tip and prevents hair fall.

Almond Protein - Nourishes hair roots and lends a silky, healthy shine to the hair.

Aloe Vera - Conditions the hair by replenishing and locking the moisture.

Rs. 60 for 100 ml
Rs 110 for 200 ml

My Take On The Product
Dabur Vatika Enrich Olive Hair Oil comes in a plastic bottle with a squeeze tube enclosed in a flip-open cap, to ensure that no excess oil comes out.The packaging is quite travel friendly.The oil is dark green in colour and smells pleasantly of olives.The consistency is runny (like all oils), and feels very light on hair. I have been using this oil for 10-15 days now and my hair does seem to be softer, silkier and shinier than before.It does add a bounce to the hair making it look pretty nourished. Talking about reduction in hair fall, usage of just 10 -15 days is too less to comment on that. Presently I haven’t felt any significant reduction in as far as hair fall is concerned.The product is decently non sticky and comes off in a single wash.

Whats Good
Feels light on Hair
Makes hair soft and silkier
Provides nourishment to the hair
Not expensive

Whats Bad
No significant reduction in hair fall

Overall Dabur Vatika Enrich Olive Hair Oil is a good hair all, providing nourishment to the hair and making it softer and silkier. It may also reduce hair fall in the long run, but currently I do not feel any significant change in that regard. It is quite decently priced, making it a good option for regular use.

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