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Great Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

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Great Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair
Coconut oil is known to be the best and most trustworthy oil in the world of hair care. For every mom, hair care is incomplete without coconut oil. There are many stories and facts that always prove the point correct that coconut oil is the king of hair oil world. In fact there are people who know the only oil for hair care is coconut oil. Benefits of coconut oil for hair are large in number. Some say it gives long shiny hair, some say it nourishes hair; different people have different stories about the amazing results of coconut hair oil.

Starting from the very beginning, let’s put light on the facts why this widely used hair oil is popular all around the globe. Coconut oil is available in abundance in many parts of globe such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indian subcontinent and many parts of Caribbean. This makes the availability of coconut oil really good all around the globe. Now coming over to the benefits of coconut oil for hair, there are many points where humans should be thankful to coconut oil for hair. Some of the major benefits of coconut oil for hair are as follows:

  • Hair Damage: The first function performed by coconut oil for hair is protection from hair damage. Coconut oil functions as a shield for hair and save it from external damage like pollution and sun damage. The lauric acid in coconut oil has high chemical attraction for proteins, which allows quick penetration of essential proteins and vitamins into hair shaft. Beyond protection from external damage, coconut oil can be used in post hair wash for grooming purpose as well as pre hair wash too. So, if hair protection from damage is the only thing one wants then coconut oil is the best option.
  • Hair Loss: Hair loss is a very common and usual problem that occurs in every individual’s life cycle. In most cases, hair loss is not a natural occurrence and occurs due to some kind of damage to hair, so to deal with this very common issue, the coconut oil is used from ancient times. There are various natural remedies that start and end with coconut oil to reduce hair loss. One easy and popular home remedy of dealing with hair loss by using coconut oil is to boil gooseberries in coconut oil and do hair massage with that oil.
  • Anti-Dandruff: Dandruff is an annoying hair issues as the white flakes in scalp creates a lot of problem for the sufferer. Dandruff even causes itching and irritation to some people. It is another common hair issue after hair loss in hundreds of people, so to get rid of this problem, people spend lots of money on many hair care products and shampoo. But the best and most effective option of dealing with dandruff is coconut oil. The fatty acids in coconut oil make the oil a natural anti-dandruff agent. By using coconut oil such as Vatika Coconut Enriched Hair Oil on regular basis, one can get rid of dandruff permanently. Using coconut oil by mixing lukewarm water and little amount of castor oil in it can work as an effective anti-dandruff remedy.
  • Hair Conditioning: There are many hair oils available in market that promise deep hair conditioning and many more benefits to hair. But the only oil that stands up to the expectations and does wonders in the field of hair conditioning is coconut oil. Because of the light molecular weight, coconut oil easily penetrates deep down the roots of hair and condition and nourishes it to the core. Hair conditioning helps in keeping hair soft and shimmering. So, ladies don’t miss out that softness and bounce in your hair, use coconut oil and start hair conditioning now.
  • Styling: Hair styling is an important and a very common practice in ladies world. Every woman loves to style her hair in their own way for various occasions, and to do that, choosing a safe way is very important. Otherwise one might land up damaging and making their hair weaker with different styles. Coconut oil can be a cool ingredient for hair styling as it melts down quickly on heating and condenses or cools down after coming into contact with air. So, using coconut oil by warming up and tying up hair in certain style that needs hold could be easy as the oil would work as a styling cream or gel to hold hair firmly after cooling down.
  • Prevention of premature aging of hair: Lack of care and attention towards hair could make hair go grey or get into the stage of premature aging. With busy lifestyles and lack of hair care, the problem of premature aging of hair is becoming common and widespread. Also, the problem of baldness due to hair loss is also worrying a lot of people. And to deal with this problem, coconut oil is the best solution. Coconut oil is known to reverse the grey hair effect as it is full of antioxidants. Mixing a little bit of lemon juice with coconut oil will make an effective remedy to reverse the grey hair affect.
  • Protection against Lice: Lice is refers to a pest which is found in hair scalp and leads to tremendous irritation and itching. The problem is very common in kids and for elders it becomes a cause of embarrassment. And the bad part about lice is that it comes back again and again. Everyone is familiar with different kinds of commercial products for fighting and killing lice. But on the other side, everyone knows that all that products are chemical based and harmful for hair at the end of the day. So, to prevent the hair from immense damage of chemical and get rid of lice, using coconut oil is an amazing option. Applying a coat of coconut oil over wet hair and combing hair with very thin teeth combed can easily wipe out the lice from scalp and hair.
  • Hair Toning: Hair suffers from damage and many other problems due to lack of care. Damage from using harsh products over hair which causes hair to dry over time demands hair toning. To do hair toning in natural way, coconut oil does a great job. Applying slightly warm coconut oil on regular basis at night over hair and scalp will help in hair toning naturally. Following this practice dedicatedly for few weeks or month will surely give desired results to individuals.
Beyond the benefits of coconut oil for hair, there are many small and simple reasons why people especially ladies love to use coconut hair oil. So, here is the list of some simple reasons for using coconut oil in daily lifestyle by millions of people:
  • To keep hair healthy: The simplest and most common reason why many people use coconut oil is to keep hair healthy and strong. Its many benefits, properties, vitamins and nutrients help in keeping the hair healthy and strong in routine life. For the better knowledge of folks, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, K, and iron helps in fighting various hair problems such as dandruff, graying of hair, dry hair and many more.
  • Daily Detangler: Many ladies use coconut oil for not any special but a simple purpose of detangling hair. Coconut oil is light and less sticky, so it could be used on regular basis to detangle and comb hair. Also, coconut oil makes styling easy for many people. So, don’t forget to apply coconut oil before combing or detangling your long tresses. Going by this way, one could save hair from breakage during detangling of long hair and would also make things fuss free.
  • Base for hair coloring: There are many hair colors which are applied using coconut oil as base. The reason behind using coconut oil as base for hair color is that it penetrates deep down hair easily and quickly and makes the color look more vibrant. Beyond that coconut oil protects the hair color from fading out easily. So, someone really wants their color to last for longer duration, use coconut oil as base. But before using coconut oil, please make sure that the color allows coconut oil or any other ingredient as base for hair color.
  • For increased hair growth: Right from the very childhood we have been told that coconut oil is good for hair and it stimulates hair growth. Well, the fact is true and coconut oil really works well in promoting hair growth. Coconut oil contains omega-9 fatty acids which directly promotes the hair growth. And as our elders say there is nothing better than coconut oil because it has lots of proteins, nutrients and vitamin to speed up hair growth. So, ladies keep your hair growth on right track with regular application coconut oil.
The list of benefits and good things about coconut oil is endless. The more one searches, the more they will find about coconut oil goodness. In a short and sweet statement the goodness of coconut oil can be summarized as there is nothing better than coconut oil for hair in the whole world.


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