How To Make Hair Grow Faster

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How To Make Hair Grow Faster
Every girl dreams and would love to have the gorgeous long hair like the models or celebrities in the glittery TV commercials. One must always wonder how to grow hair faster naturally? The answer is oiling your hair with Dabur Amla Hair oil. Below is the list of some natural remedies to increase hair growth:
  • Egg Mask: Eggs are the best friend of hair. If nothing works well for hair, eggs will surely help out in some way. Rich in protein, sulphur, zinc, phosphorous and many other nutrients, eggs are known for boosting up hair growth naturally. Using egg mask even once in a month would do magic to hair. The easiest way of preparing an egg mask is to beat one egg and add some lavender oil droplets and four tablespoons of grapeseed oil. Keep the mask over hair for around half an hour and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Hair Oil Massage: It might sound sticky and old fashioned but yes hair oil massage is the best and the oldest way of increasing hair growth. There are many hair oils which could be considered as the best hair oil for hair growth. One common and popular option is Dabur Amla Hair Oil. To double the benefit of oil for hair, warm it slightly and massage the scalp in circular motion for 10-15 minutes. The real magic behind hot oil massage is, it increases the blood flow in scalp, which results in energizing hair follicles.
  • Castor Oil: The not so popular castor oil has direct connection with hair growth. So, if you are wondering how to grow hair faster, go for castor oil. Reason behind the strong recommendation of castor oil is that it has Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E which directly helps in increasing hair growth. Using castor oil might be annoying to some as it is quite viscous but this could be dealt by adding equal amount of any other hair oil. One could also add essential of their choice such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint, thyme and many more. Massage your scalp with castor oil mixture and leave it for 30-45 minutes. After that use any normal shampoo to clean hair. Do this practice twice in a week to see positive results.
  • Healthy Diet: Like every other body part, our hair also needs some proteins and nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Enrich your diet with Vitamin A, E, C, B, selenium, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium for stronger and shinier hair. In particular, Vitamin B-complex plays a major role in boosting up the hair growth. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for hair growth as 3% of our hair shaft is built up with these fatty acids. Hence, go for a healthy diet to grow hair faster.
Among the various natural ingredients, hair oil massage is the easiest way of increasing hair growth. And the best part about the oiling remedy is there is no best hair oil for hair growth. It’s up to the individual’s choice whichever oil suits you, use that one. So, ladies don’t think much and gear up to follow any above remedy to get long and shiny hair soon.

Natural ingredients carry certain properties which have potential to increase the natural growth of hair. Small changes in lifestyle like- proper nutritious diet, daily exercise should be the first step towards making hair healthy and then natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth should be introduced in daily lifestyle. A large number of ingredients having great potential to increase hair growth naturally and to make them stronger can be found on Internet.

The story doesn’t end here; there are some habits and tricks that could also help in growing hair faster in natural way. Below are some of those practices that could tell how to grow hair faster without any special ingredients:
  • Flipping of hair upside down: This might sound funny but it works. It is said that flipping hair upside down for a few minutes on a regular basis increases hair growth. Wondering how? The logic is very simple; flipping hair upside down increases the blood circulation in scalp that results in better and faster hair growth. So, just flip your hair upside down and grow hair faster and longer.
  • Stress Free: Stress has a direct connection with hair problems. Many people suffer from hair loss problem due to stress. Studies have revealed that stress could disturb the normal healthy hair cycle and pushes hair into fall-out phase or telogen. Thus, to keep the hair growth on right track, make sure to keep the stress aside.
  • Trimming of hair: Ironically, trimming of hair at regular interval leads to increase in hair growth. Following a strict trimming regime or getting hair trimmed after few months is good for hair as the damaged ends or splits ends get removed on time. If hair are not trimmed on time and one is waiting for the split end or damaged end to reach to some good length then ultimately one loses larger hair length.
  • Avoid regular head washes: Yes, it is true that a hair wash is necessary for healthy hair but only when it is really required. Washing hair regularly or very frequently will damage the hair and will also make them loose their shine. Washing hair twice or at maximum thrice in a week is enough to get rid of excessive oil build up and accumulated dirt.
To get long and shiny locks, every girl thinks how to make hair grow faster but sadly there is nothing that would work overnight. Yes, it is true that nothing could be achieved overnight but on other side it is possible to grow hair faster with some extra efforts. Following natural remedies and a disciplined hair care regime are few examples of extra efforts for long and shiny hair.
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