How to Get Shiny Hair

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How to Get Shiny Hair
Hair has always been an important beauty issue for every lady. There is no lady in the universe who wouldn’t like to have nourished and shiny hair. Of course with this wish they will like to have a magic trick that turn their hair beautiful in seconds but sadly that is not possible. In this real world, having gorgeous hair is becoming a myth. Every lady wonders how to get shiny hair without harming hair in anyway. The only thing which could make the task of achieving nourished and shiny hair easy is; strict hair care regime. To achieve great hair, one has to be very particular and caring about their hair. Being reluctant about hair will only give bad hair at the end of the day. Things can only become easy in terms of hair, only if one tries to keep hair happy and healthy every day.

Keeping hair happy and healthy in routine life is not as hard as repairing the damaged hair. The first and very immediate damage occurring to hair in routine lifestyle is dryness. Hair become rough and dry very quickly due to various factors such as pollution, excessive heat, harsh product usage and many more. This makes the first agenda of hair care regime very clear that one should keep their hair nourished to avoid dryness of hair. There are some practices of hair care which should be incorporated in hair care regime to keep hair nourished and shiny. So, here is the list of practices that reveal how to get shiny hair without any professional treatments:

  • Oiling: Oiling is an age old practice to keep hair healthy and strong and dare one could doubt it. Oiling is very helpful in dealing with various hair problems and strengthening hair naturally. Doing proper massage of hair few times in a week helps in making nourished and shiny. The best of all natural oil is coconut oil for nourished and shiny hair. One could use Vatika Coconut Enriched Oil, which provide natural nourishment to hair. A massage with lukewarm coconut oil is best for hair as warm oil easily penetrates deep down the shafts of work and nourishes hair deeply.
  • Deep conditioning: To change the texture and appearance of hair, it is very important to follow good hair conditioning practice. Conditioning hair means increasing the moisture in hair and enhancing the overall appearance of hair. The basic nature of any hair conditioner involves ingredients which work as good moisturizers, detanglers, glossers, natural oil, sunscreen and few other ingredients. This is all about commercial conditioners. One could also use homemade conditioner for hair which could naturally condition hair without any side effect.
  • Trimming: It might sound weird but it is true that trimming hair at regular intervals like every second or third month helps in enhancing the overall quality of hair. Wondering how? Well, it is very simple to understand. All the damaged and dry ends of hair, if removed at regular interval promote the growth of new and healthy hair. Thus, this is in result helps in maintaining beautiful hair easily without any worry. There is no specification regarding how much length one should get trimmed, the only thing to be kept in mind is get the damaged ends trimmed completely.
  • Hair masks: Beyond the specific practices, it is important to pamper hair with some natural homemade hair masks. Hair masks helps in maintaining the right balance of protein and all other deficiency from hair’s point of view. Hair masks also help in solving various hair issues such dry hair, frizzy hair, itchy scalp, premature graying of hair, hair loss and many more. The more one uses natural hair masks, more healthy their hair will grow.

With the above practices, a good hair care regimen action plan has become very clear. If there is still anything that feels left out or one finds beneficial for their hair then surely they should include that practice in their hair care regimen. But what is important is to keep the practices going on regularly without skipping or ignoring any practice. If there is any particular practice, which is not suitable to any individual’s hair due to some medical or obvious reason then only they should skip that practice.

There is variety of products available for every particular hair care practice in market. All one has to do is just name it such as hair conditioner, hair shampoo, hair detangler or hair lotion and many more. Hair shampoo is very common and popular product in hair care industry. There are numerous types of hair care shampoo available in market promising significant results. The more one will look for, the more they will get. But one very important thing people ignore in that best shampoo hunt is to look for lesser or least harmful chemical composition. One could use natural ideas for hair care but shampoo is an all time need in every case. Hence, choosing a mild shampoo to keep hair nourished and healthy is very important. One good example of mild shampoo available in market is Dabur Almond Shampoo.

Below are few hair masks that could tell how to get shiny hair without any salon treatment:

  • Eggs: Eggs are the most popular and widely used ingredient in the natural hair care world. Egg has the potential to give nourishing shiny hair in few applications. Egg mask is rich source of protein, fatty acids, vitamins and lecithin, which is good for Tips for Dry and Damaged Hair. Egg is an all-rounder ingredient in terms of hair. It provides moisture, shine, thickness, strengthen to hair strands. Hence, using egg to get nourishing hair is the best option. To prepare a healthy egg mask for hair, take two eggs and beat them thoroughly until it gets foamy texture. Now, add half cup of plain yogurt and two tablespoons of almond oil in it. The mask is ready to apply over hair and scalp. Don’t forget to cover head with a shower cap after application of egg mask and let the mask work over hair for half an hour. In the end, use mild shampoo to wash hair.
  • Mayonnaise: It might sound weird but yes the very popular mayonnaise used in sandwiches and salads is beneficial for hair. It has amino acids, antioxidants and proteins that nourishes hair and brings shine in hair. To use mayonnaise wisely, take one or one and a half cup of full fat mayonnaise, whichever is sufficient as per the length of hair and apply it over washed damp hair. Now, cover head with shower cap and let the mayonnaise work over hair for half an hour. In the end, wash hair thoroughly using any mild shampoo. Do this practice twice in a week to get nourishing shiny hair in few weeks.
  • Avocado: Another natural ingredient which is good at providing nourishing hair naturally is avocado. Nutrients in avocado help in moisturizing, nourishing and repairing the damaged hair very fast. Experts consider avocado extremely beneficial for dry and rough hair. To utilize the benefit of avocado, take one ripe avocado and mash it properly. Now, add two tablespoons of extra virgin oil in mashed avocado. After this, apply the mixture over damp hair starting from roots to end. Cover hair with shower cap and let the mask sit over hair for 30 minutes. In the end, rinse hair with water first and then wash hair properly with mild shampoo.
  • Honey: One of the quick grab from kitchen which works great for hair is honey. Since, honey is a natural humectant; it acts as a great moisturizer for hair. Being a natural humectant, it helps in retaining moisture in hair for long and keeps hair nourished and shiny. To get maximum benefit of honey, take two tablespoons of honey and dilute it in two cup of warm water. Store the solution in a spray bottle and spray it after every hair wash. Keep the sprayed solution over hair for 15 minutes and then rinse it out with lukewarm water. Practicing this remedy once in a week is enough to give nourished shiny hair naturally.
  • Yogurt: Another kitchen ingredient which could nourish hair deeply is yogurt. Yogurt is known as a deep conditioner for hair and makes hair soft and shiny. Using yogurt over hair is very simple. Just comb hair with a wide tooth comb properly and apply some fresh yogurt over hair with hands properly. Now cover head with a shower cap and leave yogurt over hair for half an hour. Finally, rinse hair with lukewarm water first and then do hair wash with mild shampoo. Practice this remedy once in a week to keep hair nourished and shiny.

There is no limit to the world of natural ideas and hair care. Since, there is no side effect or hidden harm to hair in using natural hair masks, one could use as many natural ideas and ingredients over hair fearlessly as they want.

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