10 Home Remedies to Increase Hair Growth Naturally

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10 Home Remedies to Increase Hair Growth Naturally
Aw! The long strands of friend’s hair making you very jealous? Don’t worry girls; there is no need to burn out this way. The natural hair care tips are always there to let you know what can and how can you increase the hair length naturally and quickly. Well! Getting long hair will obviously take some time. Since, it’s a natural process, give some time to yourself and hair care to reap the real benefits of the natural tips. Some kind of changes or desired results in hair care might be achieved in less or quick turnaround time but hair growth is one thing that will take its own time.

Every individual is different and so is their hair. Hence, it completely depends on the individual’s hair growth and health to attain certain length of hair. It is said that if hairs are trimmed at regular intervals, the hair growth gets enhanced and increased. Reason behind the trimming fact is the space creation for pushing length becomes clear as the fine and damaged hair gets trimmed in the trimming process. Similarly, there are many ways and reasons that could enhance and boost the hair growth. But before reaching to the ways how to make hair grow faster, there are certain points that need attention as they might cause hindrance in healthy and speedy hair growth:

  1. Lack of Vitamin and Proteins: There are certain essential and specific vitamins and proteins like Vitamin A, Zinc, B complex Vitamins and others that help in boosting and promoting healthy hair growth. Lack of such essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and nutrients from the diet will eventually lead in hindrance or stopping the hair growth. So, make sure that your body is not suffering from any deficiency of essential protein and vitamins.
  2. Health Issues: Sometimes, certain health issues or diseases might contribute in stopping the hair growth. Hormonal imbalance, acute medication for some diseases leads to some reactions and affects the growth of hair. Hence, ask the doctor about the medication and your current medical health as it might be causing or troubling your hair somehow.
  3. Wrong tools for hair care: In every kind of care, proper usage of right tool is important. Similarly, in hair care it is important that one should use right tools like comb, oiling products and other things that are suitable for their hair type. Using things against the hair type will only do damage to hair and will also contribute in stopping the hair growth. For better understanding, let’s assume that you have average length hair and you use thin and small teeth comb to detangle your hair. Now, you might don’t know but the small and thin teeth comb is damaging the hairs adversely and will surely give split ends and other hair problems.
  4. Lack of Moisture: Using some commercial products on regular basis makes the hair dull and dry due to its chemical contents. On that note, the hair lacks moisture that becomes one major cause of slow and unhealthy hair growth. So, make sure that your hairs don’t lack proper moisture necessary for healthy hair growth.
  5. Poor routine hair habits: Lastly, the habits are the only way that makes thing good or worst. In case of hair care, poor routine hair habits like excessive hair styling, hair blowing, hair heating and other kind of practices can do immense damage to hair. So, try and put a limit on such routine hair habits to prevent hair damage and decreased hair growth.
So, now the idea about the potential hair damage reasons and practices that could cause decreased hair growth is clear to a limit. Now, let’s bring into light 10 such ways on how to make hair grow faster naturally:
  1. Rosemary Blessings: Antioxidant properties play a crucial role in promoting the hair growth. And rosemary is one such herb that has the right amount of antioxidants, sulfur and silica, which will help in increasing the blood circulation of scalp and cleaning the blocked follicles of hair. To take the blessings of rosemary, massage the mix of two drops rosemary oil in one tablespoon essential oil such as olive, coconut or jojoba oil. Rosemary is a great hair growth enhancer and helps in increasing the hair growth naturally.
  2. Indian Gooseberry Wonders: Indian gooseberry or the famous Amla of Indian culture deals very well with hair loss problem. Also, the Indian Gooseberry promotes hair growth naturally by cooking dry pieces of Indian Gooseberry in hot coconut oil. Massaging the hair with this oil will definitely boost the natural growth of hairs. So, now you must have got the idea why Amla or Indian Gooseberry is so popular in natural beauty tips for hair. Also, one can do routine oiling of hair with Dabur Amla Hair Oil to increase the hair growth.
  3. Lemon juice richness: No doubt in saying that the juicy small lemon fruit is full of vitamins. Vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin B1, B2, B5 is just few vitamins to count on. And obviously when it comes to issue of hair growth, antioxidant is a necessity and lemon completely fulfils that necessity. Bring in the practice of massaging hair with coconut oil carrying little amount of fresh lime juice in it to increase hair without any other supplements or products.
  4. Egg Nourishment: The popularity of eggs in terms of beauty is world famous. Even it doesn’t stay behind in healthy diet regimes of people. So, how could it stay when it comes to the increase in natural growth of hair? Whole world knows that eggs are rich in protein and especially the keratin protein from which the hair builds and grow. Even the simple application of beaten eggs over hair will do great wonder in increasing the hair growth naturally.
  5. Castor Oil magic: The richness of Vitamin E and Omega-9 fat acid makes castor oil a suitable ingredient for hair growth. Getting or increasing hair growth is not a joke and to make it happen, bring in some castor oil at home. Using the castor oil mixed with equal amount of essential oil like olive or coconut oil will surely in increasing the length of hair in short time span. To see effective results, adopt the castor oil practice on alternate day basis.
  6. Relaxing Hot Oil massage: Nothing is more relaxing and refreshing for a tired person than a hot oil massage. Beyond its relaxing potential, hot oil massage of our so called popular hair oil coconut oil, increases the blood circulation of scalp and strengthen the hair from roots. Heated oil penetrates easily down the roots and does its magic on the hair scalp. Nothing could get simpler and easier then this in increasing the hair growth naturally.
  7. Right balance of proteins and Vitamins: For the proper growth and healthy hair, it is important that our body should have a proper balance of necessary proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that promote hair growth. If there is deficiency of any particular protein or vitamin then it might become a problem for the hair growth. Hence, proper intake of food products and ingredients that are rich in Vitamin C, keratin protein, zinc, iron and other nutrients is very important for hair growth. To know about the natural food products that help in increasing hair growth, search about them over web or ask your elders.
  8. Full stop to excessive hair styling: Ouch! The stylish hair styles and makeup might be looking pretty on you but surely it would be hurting your hairs badly inside out. Girls bear that little pain while stretching and combing their hair badly while styling them up in parlors or at home. But they don’t realize that when it’s hurting in beginning then how much it would hurt at the end. During the styling and hair dressing process, hair go through harsh combing and handling making them weak and plucked from the roots. Hence, try and avoid hair styling as much as possible. And yes if you are doing so regularly then put a full stop to it. This way one can also give some relief from unnecessary breakage and stretching of hair and help in promoting hair growth.
  9. Cleaning hair carefully: Cleaning of everything and anything is very important in life. Each and every part of our body demands proper cleaning and care. And so does the hair do. It is our duty to clean our hair in the best and the most harmless way. Using herbal products or natural ingredients to wash hair is a great option. And if that is not possible then try to buy a mild shampoo to wash hair as we all know the commercial shampoos are full of chemicals.
  10. Healthy lifestyle, healthy hair: Our body functions in certain tune with our lifestyle. If we have bad routine and lifestyle like late sleeping or improper hours of sleeping then the regeneration of certain cells will get affected eventually. Some cells helps in building and growth of hair while we sleep and do our routine activities like eating. Hence, healthy lifestyle is a basic rule for keeping the whole body and hair healthy and strong. Lifestyle includes set of all activities that we carry out throughout the day. So, don’t just count the sleep in it. So, make sure that you have a healthy lifestyle plan to increase the natural hair growth.
All the above natural beauty tips for hair will surely subside various hair problems and will definitely contribute in giving the long strands of hair just like we saw it in TV commercials for hair care products. Get ready and gear up to start following any one natural way that will increase the hair growth in coming time. Have fun and keep loving hair moving on the nature’s path.

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