Skin de tanning using Wheat Flour and Tomato Pulp Face Mask

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The natural ingredients at the shelf of your kitchen are the best remedies for all skin problems. Acnes, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, De-tanning, skin lightening, blemish marks all these can be handles very easily.

Skin lightening is a very tricky issue in the beauty world. I do not know if anything can really make the skin move towards the fairness. But there are definitely methods to lighten the skin that has darkened due to various other factors. Considering skin tan as one of the skin darkening problem, here is a recipe that will help Skin de-tanning and bring back the original color of the skin.


  • The inner pulpy part of the tomato along with seeds.
  • Few drops of olive oil.
  • Wheat flour.

Tomato is the ultimate ingredient for Skin de-tanning. This is a widely accepted product in the world of skin care that helps to get fair skin by removing dark patches. They have cooling properties like an astringent. The naturally acidic nature of the tomato helps in brightening and gets that glowing skin.


Olive oil is the source of moisturizing that is to be involved in the mask. Sun rays usually drinks up all the suppleness and the moisture of the skin. Thus post sun-burn or sun-tan bringing back the lost moisture in the skin is very much essential.

And, wheat flour! This is one ingredient that is used to make the Indian everyday bread. But it is very rarely used on skin. Wheat flour is very effective in Skin de-tanning. So, after a sun exposure, a simple pack of wheat flour mixed in water/milk removes the slightest tan that could have occurred and reveals fairer skin buried underneath.

Method of preparation:

Cut open tomato in to half. Press out the juicy pulp that is in the middle along with the seeds into a bowl.

To this bowl add few drops of olive oil and mix well.

mix well

With just tomato and olive oil it is a very good face mask for Skin de-tanning.

But we will go a step further to add wheat flour.

Mix some amount of wheat flour to the bowl and mix to form a paste.


No water is required as the tomato pulp is already juicy. And it will aid in mixing and binding the wheat flour.

This makes the simple Skin de-tanning face mask ready for use.

ready for use


  1. The thick paste is to be applied all over the face and neck. Massage with the mask on in circular motion and leave until it dries.
  2. It will take about 15 minutes to dry. Wash with warm water.
  3. Follow up with Dabur Gulabari to take off any residue and refresh the skin.
  4. You will surely find skin smoothened, moisturized and glowing.

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