5 Useful Skin Care Tips Using Honey

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5 Useful Skin Care Tips Using Honey
Not just sweet to taste, honey is sweet to your skin too! Packed with numerous benefits, honey works well for your skin in many different ways. How? Read on to know why the natural, amber-coloured liquid has so many benefits as a chemical-free natural skin care product.
  1. Honey Moisturizes
    If you have dry skin, honey is your best friend. Follow our skin care tip and make it a part of your daily skin regimen, because its natural composition is such that it attracts moisture and keeps it in locked inside. But having said that, people with oily skin can use honey for skin care too. The natural sweetener helps your skin retain the suppleness especially in winters. Also read more about how to get fair skin.
  2. Honey Protects
    Apart from being a natural moisturiser, honey is also a natural antioxidant, which means it is beneficial to consume honey internally. If you want to include more such antioxidants into your diet, look at eating more strawberries, tomatoes, apples, yogurt, pomegranates and green tea. An antioxidant-rich diet is not only good for your health; it also works wonders on your skin – think of it as an internal skin care regime! And the best part is that these “skin foods” are delicious too! Coming back to honey, it is also a natural form of sunscreen, which protects the skin from sun damage and premature wrinkling.
  3. Honey Soothes
    With a change in seasons, your skin works overtime trying to compensate for the change in condition. Honey helps by balancing the hydration and keeps your skin in check. Try this skin care tip - add a cup of honey to your bath water, soak up for 15 minutes and then add a cup of baking soda towards the end to get rid of dead skin cells. At the end of it, get a spa-like feel!
  4. Honey Cleanses
    Another miraculous property of raw organic honey is that it unclogs pores and moisturises parched skin. All you have to do is apply a thin layer on to your damp skin, massage in gentle circular motions and let it be for half an hour. And then rinse it off with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water You be left with fresh, soft and energised skin. What’s more, you can use honey to delicately remove eye makeup by just applying a mixture of honey and natural oil (like jojoba or virgin coconut oil). Massage the concoction gently – you’ll cleanse and moisturise your under eye area at the same time.
  5. Honey Exfoliates
    Just follow this simple skin care tip – mix 2 parts of honey with 1 part baking soda and use the mixture as a body scrub. While baking soda exfoliates, honey smoothens the skin and together they work very well together.
  6. Honey Heals
    Not just beauty, honey comes in handy as a healing agent too! It prevents infection, helps healing faster and works miraculously in wound dressing. That’s not all, if you have a pesky little pimple, try zapping the zits with honey. It works better than your regular over-the-counter pimple cream, and it’s natural! For more such simple and natural skin care tips, read our advice on how to use papaya for pimples and how to get rid of acne marks

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