Instant Fairness Face Pack for Every Skin Type

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Instant Fairness Face Pack for Every Skin Type
Everyone loves their skin and nobody wants to feel low in crowd because of their damaged or dull skin type. There are hundreds of people who keep on worrying about their skin all day and night. Some try really hard to get healthy skin and fair color tone by going to skin specialist and look for the various solutions and methods. But one thing is very clear at the end of the day that nothing is more effective and beautiful than natural results. The results achieved through natural process, natural remedies or fairness tips will look natural and stay along for years.

Many people especially girls think many times a day that how to get fair skin. But this question remains to be a myth or mystery for those who never tried natural ways to enhance their skin tone. There are numerous cosmetic brands and hundreds of fairness products available in market to give up the false promise of fairness. And we as a fairness seeker always tend to fool ourselves with such products that will ultimately burn our pockets and will not do any good to us. Hence, before getting into the foolish and attractive trap of commercial product line up, give a thought about nature’s wonderful products that could enhance the skin health and tone.

Before going on the hunt of searching the nature’s treasure for fair skin tone, one should know their skin type and what will work better on their skin. Let’s take a look at the brief of general skin types found in most people:
  1. Normal skin: The very common and usual skin type is normal skin. As the name symbolize, normal skin doesn’t have any major imperfection or sensitivity for any kind of products or environmental conditions. The pores of the normal skin are barely visible. Normal skin has a radiant look and can be treated with any kind of natural ingredient to enhance the skin color tone.
  2. Oily skin: Oily skin gives out oily and sticky appeal to the face and causes irritation to the person due to its sticky and humid nature. The pores of oily skin are generally found in enlarged condition and attract dust and other polluting particles to the skin. Oily skin keeps releasing oily substance over the skin throughout the day making it look thick in complexion and either shiny or dull from distance. Blemishes, blackheads and pimples are common problem suffered by the oily skin people.
  3. Dry skin: Dry skin as the name says is very dry and lacks elasticity and luster in it. Dry skin is full of roughness and might give red patches on the faces of some people. Obviously the dry skin lacks moisture and doesn’t look good in any case. Any sort of wrinkles or lines are clearly visible on the dry skin making it look really bad. The pores of dry skin are almost invisible and hardly allow any good thing to penetrate inside the skin.
  4. Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin can be called any skin that is very prone to sensitivity from majority of products and environment particles. Sensitive skin is a great problem to people as it is very much prone to various infections and problems like sun burning, red patches and other severe infections.
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Beyond the above four major categories of skin type, there are skin types that are combination of different skin type. Skin type varies and starts to develop in a particular manner due to various factors like environmental factors, weather, water content, oil content and many other factors affecting the skin directly or indirectly. It’s not that skin type couldn’t be changed or enhanced to a better level. Skin type can get changed but to a certain limited extent as there are some hormonal factors behind the basic skin type of every person, which couldn’t get changed anyhow.

Every skin type has the scope to adopt certain changes and benefits directly or indirectly. By the indirect means, it is meant that skin type could be improved through the intake of various ingredients and supplements that are rich in vitamins and necessary nutrients to improve the skin. And by the direct means, it is meant that skin type could be enhanced by the application of ingredients and products directly over the skin. Curious to know how to get instant fairness for your skin type, see below the list of natural ingredients fairness remedies for every skin type:

  • Fairness Face Pack for normal skin: Let’s start with the very first and common skin type called normal skin. Normal skin is open to variety of fairness remedies and ingredients without any fear of allergy or reaction. Some fairness face packs to get instant fairness are:
    1. Papaya Pulp: Papaya helps in cleansing the skin as well as the stomach if consumed regularly. To prepare a fairness pack for normal skin, mash papaya pulp and tomato pulp in equal amount and grind them together for a smooth mixture. Apply this pack over face once in a week to get fair tone results in few weeks.
    2. Gram Flour: The creamy paste of one tablespoon gram flour, little bit of turmeric powder and two tablespoon yogurt will cleanse the face very well if used on weekly basis. Including the gram flour face pack in the skin care regime on weekly basis will keep the skin radiant and shining every day.
  • Fairness Face Pack for dry skin: Dry skin is rough and lacks moisture in great amount. So it would be better if some natural ingredients that are juicy and provides moisture to the skin should be used in the fairness packs. Two popular fairness face pack for dry skin are:
    1. Milk cream pack: Collect two pinch of saffron leaves, half teaspoon of red sandalwood powder and two teaspoon of milk cream in a bowl. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly until it becomes a smooth milkfish red paste. Clean the face skin before applying the paste and keep on the pack for about 20 minutes and then rinse the skin with cold water. No matter how dry your skin is, this milky face pack will bring in the moisture and softness in the skin with fair skin tone in few weeks.
    2. Lemon juice and Olive oil: The blend of lemon juice, goodness of Dabur Gulabari rosewater and olive oil is known for bringing fairness and moisture to the dry skin. Mix few one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in 3 tablespoon olive oil and add few drops of rosewater into it. The fairness pack for dry skin is ready to apply over the face and neck. Allow the pack to sit on skin for 15-20 minutes and then wash the face with normal water.
  • Fairness Face Pack for oily skin: One thing is very clear in treating the oily skin is avoiding the oil treatment on the skin. Since, the pores of oily skin are enlarged and wide open; penetration is easy for oily skin. So here are some non oily and juicy fairness face pack for oily skin:
    1. Sandalwood powder and lemon juice: The mix of fuller earth powder and sandalwood powder in equal ratio should be diluted in appropriate amount of lemon juice. Using this amazing face pack twice or thrice in a week will give fair skin tone results in few weeks.
    2. Aloe Vera Gel and Orange Juice: Orange is well-known for scrubbing and whitening of skin. Using fresh orange juice mixed with Aloe Vera gel makes a fantastic fairness pack for oily skin. Keeping this face pack over facial skin for 20 minutes and then rinsing the face with normal water will keep the skin soft without making skin dry and inelastic. Try this pack once in a week for three or four week to witness fairer skin tone.
  • Fairness Face Pack for sensitive skin: One has to be very particular in dealing with sensitive skin as it is allergic to many different products and ingredients. So, before choosing any fairness face pack, make sure that your skin is not allergic to any ingredient mentioned in it. Explore the ingredients as well as the whole fairness face toner for sensitive skin below:
Honey and Aloe Vera Gel skin toner: The basic requirement of preparing the honey and Aloe Vera gel pack are one tablespoon powdered sugar, 2 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel, one tablespoon honey, and few strands of saffron. To get started with preparing the pack, soak some strands of saffron in one bowl of water for a night. Now mix all the ingredients in the saffron water and pour out the filter water of the mixture in another container or bottle and store it in refrigerator. This skin toner or water can remain good till 15-20 days from preparation and can be easily used by soaking a cotton piece in it. Cleaning the face with this skin toner twice or thrice in a day for a month will give fair skin tone.

All the above face pack and skin toner can also be used for a combination of skin type like natural and dry skin combination people. Use the dry skin or normal skin face pack on the portion where the skin is dry or normal. The natural packs are not harmful or risky in anyway. The only thing one has to keep in mind what doesn’t suit their skin and what is suitable for their skin type. So, go fearless and apply the fairness face packs without any worries. Learn more about how to get glowing skin & various beauty tips for fairness.

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