5 Easy Homemade Face Pack for Summer

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5 Easy Homemade Face Pack for Summer
Enhance your natural beauty and nurture your skin from deep within. Enjoy a natural glow all summer long by kick starting your day with these super fresh homemade face packs. These homemade face packs work their magic on all skin types. So, make your skin look tempting, fresh and gorgeous and take your pick from de-tan, cooling, anti-ageing and more homemade face pack for glowing skin in summer.
Pack for Summer

Here are the 5 hydrating homemade facepacks that you must definitely try in summer:
  1. De-tan: Want to avoid the harsh chemicals that damage your skin while bleaching? Just try this pack instead of bleach to lighten your summer tan. Blend some curd into gram flour (besan) till it forms a smooth paste. Squeeze half a lemon into it (citrus fruits have a natural bleaching effect). Rinse thoroughly with cold water and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth. However, if this seems like a lot of effort to you, simple use the no-ammonia Fem Fairness Naturals Turmeric Herbal Bleach
  2. Papaya glow:
    Mash a ripe papaya and add some oatmeal to it. Mix them well to make a natural scrub. An egg white, if added to the mixture, will help tighten your skin. Let it stay for about 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Enjoy an instantly fresher younger-looking skin with this homemade face pack.
  3. Cucumber Freshness: Peel a cucumber, add 4-5 almonds to it and put it through a blender. Add some cold milk to the mix. Say hello to super soft skin with all the internal heat soaked up!
  4. Potato power: Chop a raw potato and grind it to a paste in a blender. Add some orange juice/peel to the mixture. If your skin is dry, add a spoon of fresh cream (malai). If your skin has begun to sag, this mix will work wonders to decrease your first signs of ageing.
  5. Go red:
    Make a paste out of a juicy apple or a ripe tomato and mix in some honey. Get ready to say goodbye to oily skin as this pack is great in reducing the excessive T-zone oil. Experience a soft and fresh skin minus the tan.
Try these homemade face packs for glowing skin and don’t forget to share the magic with us!
Read more on summer skin care tips. Tell us how these worked for you and share your experience in the comments section below.

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