Top Foods & Vitamins for Women to Get Long & Healthy Hair

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Top Foods and Vitamins for Women

Long, thick and luscious locks are a dream of every girl. While some have them naturally others struggle to grow them even an inch. Hair experts say health of your hair and its growth has a lot to do with the diet you follow. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are as essential for hair growth and its thickness as they are for the body. Inclusion of some essential hair growth foods in your daily meal plan will not only help you reach your goal faster but also give you stronger & shinier mane.

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Things that affect hair growth:
- Stress
- Excessive use of hair products
- Genetic predisposition
- Lack of nutrients rich diet

For the hair to grow fast and stay healthy it is important to nourish it from within. Eating a balanced diet that has a mix of protein (the main building block of hair), zinc, vitamins, iron, fatty acids and minerals is the key. So, add health to your daily diet with these vitamins and super foods for hair growth on a daily basis.

  1. Almonds:

    High in biotin content, zinc and magnesium; almonds pack a powerful punch when it comes to promotion of healthy hair growth. A handful of almonds consumed every day provide 45% of the daily recommended allowance of manganese, phosphorous & vitamin for hair growth. High levels of omega-3 fatty acid add shine and volume to the hair while presence of vitamin E & B2 ensures prevention of split ends.

    Almond for Hair

    Note: If you are averse to the taste of almonds, you can also opt for regular hair massage (at least once a week) with Dabur Almond Hair Oil.

  2. Amla :

    It is among the best food for hair growth. Loaded with antioxidants and rich in vitamin C, amla as a natural food for hair growth has been in the use since ancient time. Its regular use in the form of hair oil stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, and prevents hair fall thereby providing natural shine to the hair. Eat it fresh, drink its juice or consume it in whatever way you like; but remember to include this super food for hair growth and thickness in your diet in one way or the other.

    Amla for Hair
  3. Broccoli:

    Broccoli can safely be termed as the best vitamin for hair growth. As a rich source of vitamins A & C, it helps produce sebum, which works like a natural conditioner for the scalp. It is also loaded with other nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium; all of which are essential for healthy hair growth. So snack on broccoli at least thrice a week to achieve the desired results.

  4. Kidney Beans :

    Did you know that your hair is mostly made of protein? By not consuming enough of it you are actually making your hair follicles weak. Lack of protein rich food for hair growth can lead to the problems of slow growth, brittle and damaged hair. To avoid this happening to your hair, start gorging on kidney beans. As an essential hair growth food, kidney beans are a rich source of protein that helps strengthen hair strands from root to tip. It is also an abundant source of zinc, iron and biotin, all of which are required if you want to enjoy shinier, thicker and stronger hair. Read more on home remedies for thick hair.

  5. Cottage Cheese :

    As an essential food for long hair, cottage cheese has all the nutrients that make it a strong contender on this list. Rich in protein, vitamin D & B5, and amino acid; it plays a major role in hair growth. Eat it raw or as a salad to provide your scalp with all the hair growth vitamins and other essential nutrients.

  6. Green Peas :

    Peas are the best hair growth food that you can include in your daily diet. Presence of zinc, potassium and iron in it helps keep hair strong & vibrant and high volumes of vitamin C ensure hair growth.

  7. Lentils :

    The best way to get your daily allowance of zinc, protein, biotin and iron is to include lentils in your diet. The high content of protein in lentils will aid in speeding the hair growth process while strengthening your hair strands, from root to tip. Thus preventing the problems of hair fall, breakage and split-ends.

  8. Low-fat dairy products :

    Products like cheese, milk, and yogurt etc., made from skim milk contain casein and whey that aids in prevention of dry scalp. They are also a rich in calcium and perhaps the best source of vitamins for hair growth that you can try. These beauty foods aside, you should also include regular hair oil massages to your hair care routine for better results. Using hair oils like Dabur Amla Hair Oil and Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil nourishes the scalp from within, strengthen the roots, moisturizes the scalp and aids in growth of thick, strong and beautiful hair.

    Dabur Amla Hair Oil

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