Tips on How to Oil Your Hair

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Tips to Oil Your Hair The Right Way
Oiling hair is an integral, if not compulsorypart of most Indian households. It’s a natural hair care routine that most females of all age groups follow religiously, but the big question is – are you doing it the right way? While hair oiling is extremely beneficial, doing the wrong things might do you more harm than good. Read on to understand what to do and what not to do while oiling your hair.
  • Should you oil your hair every day? Well it really depends on your hair type, more than convenience. If you have an oily scalp or skin, you most definitely shouldn’t indulge in this ritual every day, unless you don’t let the oil soak in too long and wash it off.
  • The type of oil used is also very important. Please refer to our hair care tips in How to choose the right hair oil for your hair for you more details.
  • Should the oil be in room temperature? Lukewarm oil is best, however make sure it’s not too hot and doesn’t burn your scalp. Also ensure you don’t heat it up in the microwave that reduces the nutrition value of the oil.
  • How should one oil their hair? Apply the oil on the scalp by making partitions and then move to the length of the hair strand, massage the oil for at least 15-20 minutes. Allow your hair to soak up the oil for some time, overnight treatment is the best. Wrap a hot towel around oiled hair to help absorb the oil. But don’t wrap a very hot towel; it can harm the hair shaft.
  • Should you oil your hair if you have acne-prone skin? Make sure your oiled hair doesn’t come in contact with your face as that can cause breakouts
  • Should you comb your hair after oiling? Combing a good practice, since that spreads the oil evenly. But make sure it is cleaned after use. The residual oil will collect dirt over time and get transferred to your hair.
  • Can I use essential oils? Yes, luxury oils like jojoba, lavender, tea tree oil, etc., which when mixed with a carrier oil can achieve even greater benefits, with or without overnight oiling.
  • Hair oiling has varied benefits – it nourishes the scalp, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair breakage, promotes a healthy scalp, moisturises dry and brittle hair, gives shine and softness to the hair, prevents split ends, delays greying of hair and even combats damage caused by pollution. And best of all, it’s completely natural!
There’s more on oiling coming up in the articles to follow. Stay tuned and do tell us if you liked our hair care tips.Also read about benefits of hair oiling.

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