Why Oiling is Important for Natural Beautiful Hair

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Why Oiling is Important for Natural Beautiful Hair
When many fancy options are available, it’s hard to pick one without trying the other. When it comes to the hair department, we have witnessed the rise of chemicals, various hair treatments available at trendy salons and hair colouring options for each occasion. We have tried them all to reach one conclusion - staying close to nature has long term benefits. While we have flaunted the heat styled hair, we feel that going back to the basics would be best for us. The age old natural hair care tips have given our grandmothers and mothers the locks that they treasured. So let’s learn from them and realise that nothing beats the love of nature, nothing helps our hair shine more than natural oils. So what do these natural oils do for our hair? Let’s see.
  • Almond Oil
    Almond oil is a rich source of magnesium, deficiency of which causes hair fall. Apply Dabur Almond Hair Oil once or twice a week to hydrate the scalp and replenish the magnesium content. It will reduce hair fall and make your hair thick. Another natural hair care tip: for better absorption of hair oil, soak a towel in hot water and wrap your hair with it post the massage.
  • Coconut Oil
    Comprising of proteins, saturated fats, vitamin E and capric/caprylic/lauric acid, coconut oil is ideal for hair growth. It can even treat dandruff and dryness effectively and is about 90% effective in getting rid of lice when rubbed onto the scalp. Natural hair care tip: apply Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil after heating it in your water bath every week to achieve thick and long black hair. Try to not microwave it as it lowers the nutritional value of coconut oil. Read more on home remedies for thick hair.
  • Amla Oil
    Amla is considered as the tonic for hair and its use is emphasised in Indian culture. Packed with many benefits for hair, it comes in many forms which can lend its goodness to hair. It strengthens your hair follicles, thus encouraging hair growth. It acts as a great conditioner for dry and rough hair, is used as a cleanser for the scalp and is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which prevent premature greying of hair. Natural hair care tip: nourish your scalp by massaging Dabur Amla Hair Oil on it. Leave it overnight and wash your hair with a mild shampoo for best results. Alternatively you can also use it after hair wash as it is non-sticky and light on your hair.
  • Olive Oil
    Olive oil is not just a hair oil, it’s a hair nourisher and answer to all your hair woes. Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil strengthens each hair strand from root to tip and reduces hair fall by up to 50%, and makes your hair silkier and bouncier. Natural hair care tip: heat the oil and apply it thoroughly on your dry hair. Wrap hair tightly in a towel or cap and then leave it for half an hour before washing. Your hair will be left feeling thick and silky. If you have thin hair, use lesser oil as it can saturate delicate strands. For a thicker mask, use a mix of olive oil, egg yolk, curd and lemon juice. For especially dry hair, blend the oil with honey and then apply.
Go natural, try these natural hair oil remedies and tell us if they worked for you in the comments section.

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