Tips for Long Shiny Hair at Home

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Tips for Shiny Hair
Dying to have hair that shines? Who does not! Here are a couple of instant-fixes and hair care tips that will give you the lustrous hair you have always desired and make you look just as chic as the beautiful divas you have envied!
  • Instant Fixes for Shiny Hair

  • Cold Rinses:

    One of the many things that you may not have known about cold rinses is the fact that they are capable of giving your hair instant lustre. Simply wash your hair with a mild shampoo, to remove the dirt from your scalp. Then finish off your head bath with a last rinse of cold water. Watch your hair’s natural shine get restored within seconds!
  • Boar Hairbrushes:

    Switch from the plastic hair combs to brushes that are made of natural fibres, like the hair of boars. Natural bristles equally distribute oils that are secreted from the scalp and ensure even lustre throughout your tresses.
  • Fizz Serums:

    Serums are a must have in your beauty basket. They address different problems such as lack of lustre, hair damage and hair fall. However, it is advisable to use hair serum only after consulting your hair specialist who knows your hair the best.
  • Hair Dryers:

    Fix a nozzle on your hair dryer that can concentrate on the tips of your hair. When you blow dry your hair correctly, they tend to stand out and shine.
  • Herbal Expert:

    The shine in your hair is incomplete without a streak of health from nature’s own fruit basket.Dabur Vatika’s Premium Naturals Black Olive and Almond shampoo instantly unlocks the door to beautiful tresses. This hair care tip is age old and very effective!
  • Nutty Diet:

    Your scalp needs the ultimate strength and vitality that only a handful of nuts can provide. Munch on them, on the go, and enjoy both their taste as well as their added goodness.
Lack lustre hair is a sign of undernourished tresses and poor food intake. While instant hair care tips for shiny hair work well, consulting a hair care professional is always a good idea. Also find various home remedies for shiny hair.

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