Want nourished hair? Pamper them with these monsoon special oil massages

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The best of Hair oil massage therapy
Come monsoon and symptoms like dry, frizzy and unruly hair start dominating your life. Remember, hair care requires extra attention due to higher level of humidity in the air during monsoon. The reason for your hair looking dull, flat & lifeless is not you not taking care of them; it is you not taking care of them as per the demands of the season. What works for your hair in summers or winters may not necessarily work for them in the rainy season. The only way to make your hair limp back to life and look strong, healthy and nourished even in monsoon is to take extra care of them. Else be ready to face ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’ situation.`
While the monsoon brings alive the greens on one hand, it robs your hair of its natural health on the other. Sweaty, itchy and dry scalp are some of the most commonly faced problems during this time of the year. So what can you do to combat these hair related evils? Invest your time in trying out easy do at home hair oil massage therapies!
Regular oil massage for hair can do more wonders than all the forces of the universe put together. Because beautifully flowing and gorgeous hair is like half the beauty battle won! Depending on your hair type, the correct hair oil massage can cure everything from hair fall to split ends to graying and can make them a thing of the past. To help you tackle your monsoon hair woes, we have picked out the best monsoon hair oil massage therapies that you can easily try within the comfort of your home. So, go ahead and pamper your crowning glory with all the nourishment it deserves.

1. Go nuts for nuts with almond oil for hair :

The benefits of almond hair oil are immense when it comes to treating damaged hair. Almond hair oil contains high concentration of proteins and vitamins that help add strength and shine to dull and dry hair. Its regular use neutralizes the pH level in the scalp thus maintaining the natural oil balance and keeping at bay the problems related to dandruff and other fungal infections that your scalp becomes the breeding ground for during monsoon. To be privy to the various benefits of almond oil, use Dabur Almond Hair Oil to massage your scalp. The presence of vitamin E in the oil boosts hair growth while providing all the essential nutrients to the starving hair follicles.
Almond Oil for Hair in Monsoon

2. A tropical treat of coconut oil for hair :

Rich in minerals and vitamins, coconut hair oil is like an elixir for hair. Among the many benefits of coconut oil for hair, if applied regularly, it can improve the health of the scalp; strengthen the roots; and prevent unnecessary hair fall that you become victim of especially during monsoons. Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil contains eight different types of herbs that nourish your hair making them shiner and healthier on the outside. To get the maximum benefit of coconut oil for hair, make hair oil massage a weekly routine.

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Coconut Oil for Hair in Monsoon

3. A touch of exotic with olive oil for hair :

For a well-conditioned scalp, pamper your hair with Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil. From treating dandruff to split ends to dullness in the hair; it is the best hair care tip that you can make use of this monsoon. Enriched with magic ingredients like olive and almonds, the benefits of olive oil for hair will reap you results with its regular use. It will hydrate and deep condition your scalp from within, resulting in thick, black and lustrous hair.
Olive Oil for Hair in Monsoon

4. No more fizz with the power of jasmine for hair:

Why go for expensive hair spa treatments and salon visits when you can easily treat frizzy at home using hair oil massages? Dry and itchy scalp is a common problem during monsoon. Pamper your hair with Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil . The powerful combination of coconut and fragrant jasmine oil provides all the nourishment your hair requires in the monsoon and the benefits of coconut oil for hair include freedom from frizzy and dull hair. A deep-conditioning jasmine hair oil massage will leave your hair feeling happy and fragrant.
Jasmine Oil for Hair in Monsoon

5. Gift of long life with amla hair oil massage :

For intense damage control of hair during monsoon, rely on the magical powers of Dabur Amla Hair Oil. Amla oil is a scalp-friendly solution; it thickens the hair with its strong penetration and naturally conditions them to look smooth and glowing for days. Its regular use will boost hair growth and give you nourished hair.
Amla Oil for Hair in Monsoon

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