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How to Remove Dandruff Naturally

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How to Remove Dandruff Naturally
Scratching the scalp all the time? Well this is a common sign of dandruff making way to the head. The problem of dandruff is a very common hair issue. The white flaky substance making way from the hair scalp to the long hairs and then to dropping to shoulder is very annoying. Yes, dandruff is a common issue but this doesn’t mean that one should take it lightly. Dandruff is a very demoralizing and confidence breaking situation for most of the individual. And the only thing which roams in their mind is how to remove dandruff permanently. Dandruff seems very tiny but is a very big issue to worry.

The more one scratches the scalp, the more the white flaky substance called dandruff will increase in appearance. And the worst part is one can’t stop scratching their head due to irritation and dryness of scalp. Dandruff is very stubborn hair issue and doesn’t go away easily. And there are hundreds of commercial shampoo and hair care products available in market that promise to get rid of dandruff. But alas! There is barely any shampoo or hair care product that could help in treating dandruff.

Everyone in the world is aware with the fact that all the commercial hair products and shampoo for dandruff in market contains chemical to work for the desired results. And those chemicals are very harmful and harsh for the soft and sensitive hair and scalp as well. Hence, it is better to avoid any hair product treating dandruff chemically. The natural ways could help out in a better way to get rid of dandruff from roots permanently. To treat and get rid of dandruff, first one should have some knowledge about dandruff and have an idea about how to treat dandruff. Understanding dandruff is any rocket science or very difficult. In fact, it is very easy and simple in technical terms.

Basically, dandruff is shredding of white flaky substance which is ultimate result of dead skin cells in scalp. In normal terms, normal amount of flaking is obvious and natural due to dying of skin cells. But excess of such mechanism of dying of skin cells lead to immense amount of flaking, known as dandruff. Dandruff is a scalp disorder which is affecting almost half of the world’s post-pubertal age population. The disorder occurs irrespective of age and ethnicity. So, the myth of any gender or age should not be developed in mind regarding dandruff. So, one thing is very clear that observing dandruff in children or people before puberty age is very rare. Keratinocytes play a major role in occurrence of dandruff formation due to immunological reactions.

After getting familiar with the term dandruff, it is time to know what causes dandruff and how to remove dandruff. Below is the list of causes of dandruff, which will tell how to certain actions and laziness invites this problem:
  • Malassezia: There is one common fungus found in every individual’s scalp called Malassezia. It is found in everyone’s scalp including the healthiest person. In some cases, the strong immune system of individuals may react with this fungus causing excess of dandruff. And in some cases, the excessive growth of this fungus feeding on hair follicles makes the scalp more itchy and irritated. In such cases, the extra skin cells dies off rapidly appearing as white flaky dandruff.
  • Dry skin: People with dry skin issues tend to have more dandruff issues than other people. Beyond that the overheated rooms makes the scalp more itchy and dry to flake out dandruff easily and quickly. The dandruff white flakes of dry skin people are not oily and are tinier than normal dandruff.
  • Yeast: The problem of dandruff is often very common with people who are more sensitive to yeast. In such cases, people find things more comfortable and easy during summer or warmer months and itchy and drying during cold months of winter. Though it is not very clear that what makes the scalp so itchy and flaky. Yeast or dry skin is closely related in such scenario.
  • Insufficient brushing: Combing or brushing of hair regularly is very important. It allows the scalp to shed the normal dead skin cells on regular basis and doesn’t allow them to collect for long time. Hence, insufficient brushing of hair plays a major role in increased risk of dandruff.
  • Cold Weather: Everyone knows that as the winter hits the skin becomes more dry and dull. Same goes with the scalp too, scalp starts becoming dry and itchy and during cold weather with cold breeze which is followed by more dandruff and dead skin cells fall off.
  • Stress: Stress in regular life cycles creates various health issues. And when it comes to hair, stress affects them very closely and directly. Stress is said to trigger and disturb the natural cycle of hair growth and shift of hair fall cycle. Hence, if increased level of stress is experienced by any individual then the person might have the problem of dandruff due to disturbed cycle of growth and dead skin cells.
Apart from the above mentioned reasons for dandruff, there are many other factors that contribute in giving dandruff. But it is almost impossible to count or cover all the factors that cause dandruff. So, without worrying much about dandruff, it is time to switch over to some home remedies for dandruff.

Below is the list of remedies that will teach how to remove dandruff without using any harmful chemical substance sitting at home:

  1. Coconut Oil: The king of all hair remedies is coconut oil. Coconut oil has endless benefits for hair and when it comes to removal of dandruff, the first thing that strike in mind is coconut oil. There are number of coconut oil available in market but choosing the correct one for treating dandruff is very important. One good and faithful coconut oil available in market is Vatika Coconut Enriched Oil. To remove dandruff with coconut oil, add some lemon juice in coconut oil and massage the scalp and hair with the mixture. Leave hair as it is for 15-20 minutes and then do head wash with a mild shampoo.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has certain properties that help in restoring the pH balance of scalp and controlling the yeast growth in scalp. All these characteristics make the scalp treatment and dandruff removal easy for apple cider vinegar. And one important thing to note about apple cider vinegar is that it is a natural hair cleanser and cleans hair follicles and clogged pores efficiently. To use apple cider vinegar to reduce dandruff, take equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar and add 10-20 drops of tea tree oil to the diluted solution. Apply the solution over scalp and hair evenly as hair oil and rinse hair with water after few minutes of application. Following this remedy twice or thrice in a week will reduce the dandruff significantly.
  3. Baking Soda: To remove the flaky dead skin cells collection from scalp, baking soda is an ideal ingredient. Reason for choosing baking soda to treat dandruff is that it is a mild exfoliator, which could easily absorb the extra natural oil from scalp and remove the dead skin cells collection. Baking soda also puts a control over fungi growth in scalp and balances pH level of scalp efficiently. Using baking soda to remove dandruff is very easy, just make hands wet and rub baking soda on hair scalp with those wet hands. After few minutes, clean scalp with lukewarm water. Remember not to shampoo hair after following this remedy.
  4. Indian Lilac (Neem): The leaves of Indian lilac tree also known as neem in Indian culture is famous for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The properties of Indian lilac makes it the right contender to fight with dandruff and other hair issues such as hair fall, hair acne and itchy scalp. To utilize the benefits of Indian lilac, boil decent amount of leaves in three to four cups of water. Boil the leaves until the water attains the leaves green color and then let the solution cool down. Now strain the solution in another container and use the decoction to rinse hair. Follow this remedy twice or thrice in a week to reduce dandruff in few weeks.
  5. Lemon Juice: The citrus acid effect of lemon is considered very effective in fighting the fungi that causes dandruff problem. Lemon is also very helpful in reducing itching of scalp. The simplest way of using lemon against dandruff is to take ¼ cup of yogurt and add juice of half lemon in it. Apply the mixture over scalp and hair evenly and leave it work for 15-20 minutes. At the end, use a mild shampoo to wash hair.

The home remedies for dandruff are completely natural and doesn’t have any side effects on hair and scalp. If someone is allergic to any particular ingredient mentioned in any home remedy then they should avoid following that particular remedy. And if the problem of dandruff is not decreasing after following few remedies from regular period of time then it is better to visit a hair specialist to enquire about the real problem.

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