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How to Keep your Hair Healthy and Beautiful

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How to Keep your Hair Healthy and Beautiful
Your hair is your crowning glory! While you keep yourself updated on tips and tricks that keep your hair in beautiful, shouldn’t you learn all about your hair better so you understand it better? Read on to get enlightened. Normal hair follows a continuously repeating cycle of growth – shedding, resting, and regrowth. Since all of these phases are happening at the same time, three strands of hair in the same area of your head might each be in a different growth phase. Each phase has specific characteristics that determine the length of the hair:
  • Anagen (growth phase): At this stage, hair grows about half an inch per month. This phase usually lasts between 2 and 8 years.
  • Catagen (transitional phase): A short transition period (2-4 weeks) when the base of the root, or bulb, detaches from the blood supply and the hair shaft is pushed up.
  • Telogen (resting phase): Hair growth stops temporarily during this resting stage, which can last up to five months. The hair is shed at the end of this period. If the follicle is healthy, a new shaft begins to grow and the cycle begins again.
At any given time, 85% to 90% of your hair is in the first of these phases, actively growing. The remaining 10% to 15% is transitioning or resting in the other two phases. If a follicle is destroyed for any reason, no new hair will grow from it. A normal, healthy head of hair has approximately 100,000 hair strands growing.

Check out some hair care tips for the healthy growth of your hair:

  • Oil your hair regularly. This nourishes your hair and improves blood circulation. Massage hair gently in vertical strokes instead of circular motions as it can tangle your hair. Remember to work from roots to tips.
  • Hair care tip for long hair: Cover your hair tips properly as it protects the fragile hair tips (which are most prone to drying and splitting as the nutrients reach them last) from the harshness of your shampoo.
  • Limit the amount of chemicals that are exposed to your hair. Reduce the number of times you colour them or style them using heat. Wait a while before you treat your hair chemically so that the strands can rest and renew.
  • Apply a mild shampoo which doesn’t deprive your hair of its natural essence and oils.
  • Use a conditioner post hair wash so as to hydrate your hair.
  • Always rinse off with cold water in the end. This helps in sealing the hair ends with moisture and prevents split ends.
  • A hair care tip for those who love heat: Use a hair dryer instead of heating iron and that too at a low temperature setting. If your hair is wet, don’t blow-dry completely. Let it stay a little damp so that hair follicles can be sealed with water.
  • Regularly trim your hair.
  • Last but not the least, include lots of proteins and iron in your diet. Also remember the most important hair care tip is to drink lots of water.


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