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What Your Hairstyle Says About You

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What Your Hairstyle Says About You
A person is defined by his/her inner beauty, but your outward appearance (including your hair) does matter! Your hairstyle can actually tell people a thing or two about you. Yes, really! Read on to know what your hairstyle reveals about you.
  1. Curly hair
    Curls denote a fun-loving personality. Women with naturally curly hair are warm, fiery, dynamic and expressive. While they could be great company to hang out with, they could also be drama queens! A quick hair care tip for you – don’t comb your hair when dry, your hair will become frizzy.
  2. Wavy hair
    Wavy heads are typically the creative types. They are high on energy, intense, strong and emotional. They tend to be on the wild side, maybe because their hair is wild too!
  3. Thick hair
    Women with thick tend to be strong-willed, stubborn and energetic. Women with thick hair are likely to be good bosses too!
  4. Thin hair
    Quite the opposite of thick hair, thin hair means you are delicate and more feminine. So maybe you’re interested in arts more than adventure sports?
  5. Straight hair with curls
    If you have straight hair and you always curl it, what does that mean? It just means that you crave for more fun in life! You are never happy with status quo, you look for exciting adventures and the same translates to your hairdo! Here’s a hair care tip for you – go easy on the styling, it could ruin your hair’s texture.
  6. Curly hair that you straighten
    Unlike women with curled straight hair, women with curly hair who tend to straighten it, wish to bring a method to the madness. Maybe their life is chaotic and they want to calm down, and flat-ironing hair gives them a sense of calmness? Good luck with that, and while you’re at it, follow this hair care tip – don’t style your hair using heat after every wash, and always use a heat-protectant serum when you do so!
  7. Long hair
    Girls with long hair are supposed to be more in touch with their feelings and inner self. Think of them to be more romantic, creative and bohemian! Does that sound like you? \
  8. Short hair
    Got super short hair? It means you are a no-fuss person! You like things to be clean and fuss-free in life and the same holds true about your hair.
  9. High maintenance
    If you take a whole lot of time to get ready every day, it could mean many things – maybe you are superficial, maybe you're very self-critical, maybe you are a perfectionist and get worried about the small details, or maybe you just like to get attention! Which one is you?
  10. Unconventional
    Got an unconventional, out-of-the-box haircut or striking hair colour/highlights? You must be a fun person who prefers adventure over practicality!
  11. Layered hair
    Having a layered hairstyle means you're a perfectionist! Yes, a layered cut is one the most flattering hairdos that make your hair look its best, so if you choose layers over other styles, maybe you like to work towards showing your positive side to the world!
  12. Polished
    Have a sleek and polished hair style? Like a chic bob or a high ponytail? Well, chances are that you're very driven and goal-oriented. You dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  13. No maintenance
    Messy hair and don’t care? Do you go around with bed head or just throw your hair in a quick bun or braid? Maybe you put others before yourself! But a wash-and-go hairdo doesn’t necessarily mean you are unkempt, you probably think of the bigger things in life and don’t want to waste time in trivial stuff! You could be a logical, hardworking, goal-oriented, thinker!
Tell us which of these personalities you are, we’d love to know!
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