Hairstyles for Oblong Face

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Natural Hair Care Tips and Hairstyles for Oblong Face
Here’s how you figure out if you have an oblong face or not. Your face is oblong if it longer than it is wide. Oblong face type is often confused with oval, but it is not the same. You may also have a pointy chin. Your forehead, cheeks and jaw line would all be of the same width, and your jaw line is probably rounded. If we just described your face type, read on for natural hair care tips and looks that will suit your face, and if you have a different face type, fret not, we have natural hair care tips for you too, click onround orsquare oroval, to figure out.

Hair tips for oblong face type:

  1. Dont go too long and add some waves.
  2. Opt for bangs as they make your face look shorter by covering up the forehead.
  3. Chin length cuts would suit you because they create an illusion of width.
  4. Straight long hair would make your face look longer! So avoid it. Instead, you could try wavy long hair as they would add volume to the face.
  5. Instead of length, ask for strength from your hair products. Use Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil to make your hair strong and thick.

Best hairstyles for oblong face:

  • If you want long hair, then either go for waves or layers. If you are planning to add some layers, then make sure that the shortest layer hits at your chin.
  • Shoulder length hair would look good on you as it won’t make your face look extra long.
  • A long bob with a bit of wave to it would look great on you. To add more style and modernity to your look, make it shorter at the back and angle down to the front.
  • Add bangs to your hair. You can go for any type of bangs – blunt, thick, straight or side swept, take your pick.
  • Cover up your forehead with a heavy fringe and open your hair – straight, wavy or curly. Let them remain natural.
  • Choppy layers that are neither too short, nor too long are great so go for it if you want to look classy and confident.
  • And here’s a natural hair care tip that works beautifully for this face type - curly hair! Yes, it looks best on long hair as it give your hair some character and conceals the length. If you still wish to have long hair, then go for a bun with wavy fringes around your face. It would look formal and can balance your face.
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