Must have essential hair care products this monsoon

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Must have essential hair care products this monsoon
Does your hair feel dull, dry and lifeless all the time? Despite having burnt a fortune on expensive hair treatments, does your hair still look unmanageable and puffed up like a lioness’s mane the moment you step out? If it’s a yes to all of the above, then you sure are suffering from monsoon hair blues.

Increased humiditylevels mean lot of sweating, which makes the scalp greasy and the hair limp and dull. The weather conditions in monsoon impact the hair and scalp significantly. While there is little that you can do to control the weather outside, you can definitely control the effects of it on your scalp. If you wish to keep your hair bouncy, soft and healthy during the rainy season, avoid excessive use of chemically treated hair products. The hair products you come across in a super market or a departmental store might look like the ultimate solution to your hair woes but that may not be the case always.

It is important to first understand your hair type before applying any product. Monsoon robs your scalp of all its natural moisture thus leaving it dry and itchy. Any hair product that is not conducive to your hair type is bound to react and wreck havoc on your scalp. But why worry when we have listed out solutions that must be an essential part of your monsoon hair care kit. Just follow our advice and get ready to hear compliments for your gorgeous looking hair

  1. Hair oil for dry scalp:

    Even though hair oil is essential all year round, during monsoon oil for dry scalp helps to fight any sign of dullness, itchiness or dandruff that is a result of higher levels of humidity in the atmosphere. And if you have a dry scalp then you need to be extra cautious. Hence keeping a good quality, natural and safe hair oil for dry scalp should be a mandate. Specially formulated hair oils for dry scalp aids in keeping the scalp hydrated. Gently massage the hair oil in to the scalp, on a regular basis, if you wish to attain healthy, strong and beautiful hair.
  2. Mild shampoo for oily hair:

    Monsoon can script a real horror story for people with oily scalp. While there are hair products dime a dozen that promise to come to your aid in times of need, there are only a few that you can rely on to treat your hair woes, especially during monsoons. To avoid getting limp and dull looking hair, wash your scalp with hair products that are gentle and at the same time reduce greasiness of the scalp.Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo is enriched with hibiscus & fenugreek extracts that help reduce secretion of oil thus keeping your scalp oil free for long. This shampoo for oily hair is also helpful in fighting any signs of breakage or hair fall. This hair product maintains natural oil balance in the scalp thereby giving you thick and strong hair.

  3. Conditioner:

    A good conditioner always comes to the rescue to tame your unruly and dry at the end tresses. Fizziness in the hair results due to of lack of moisture in the air and to control its effect on your hair always remember to follow the hair wash routine with the application of a quality conditioner. It will help restock your hair with the essential nutrients and nourishment they need.
  4. Wide toothed comb:

    A wide toothed comb is the most essential hair product that you need to carry with you at all times during monsoon. It helps to detangle wet hair without causing any breakage and damage to the cuticles. Since humidity in monsoon is common, combing your hair with wide toothed comb will not make them look flat and instead add bounce and volume.
  5. Hair serum:

    It can be a mammoth task to control hair in monsoon especially if they have a habit of turning into a frizz ball every now and then. To win the battle against frizz and keep them glossy, apply hair serums. Most of these serums have presence of silicone in them that creates a protective layer on the surface of the hair and protects it against heat, moisture and dust. Their regular use help replenish all the lost oils thus adding a healthy bounce and shine to your hair.
This monsoon, let your hair down without any worries and keep following our blog for tips on how to keep your hair healthy and shining. Click to learn more about hair care in monsoon and how to keep hair healthy this monsoons.

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