How To Combat A Bad Hair Day

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How To Combat A Bad Hair Day
Be it a wedding, a birthday party or an important meeting at the office, bad hair days have the knack of picking the wrong days. They always seem to come around when you least expect them and give you nightmares. Yes, you can always tie up your otherwise gorgeous hair into a boring bun, or skip the party altogether and sulk at home – but we wouldn’t recommend that! Silky, pretty hair is every woman’s dream and we wouldn’t want a random bad hair day to ruin your look or your mood, so here are a few hair care tips to help you get through.
  • The first hair care tip to combat a bad hair day is knowing what your hair type is. While curly hair almost always looks unkempt, the quick fix home remedy for hair that you can use is to run your brush or comb under cold water, run it through the frizzy parts and then finish with serum on the tips. This will make your hair look lustrous! For oily hair, our hair care tip is to take a bit of talcum powder (just a few pinches) and run your powdered hands through your hair a couple of times. This will mattify your scalp and make it look clean and voluminous. If you have limp hair, the best hair care tip to fix this problem is to tie your hair in a braid when it’s slightly wet, and untie it after a couple of hours. This home remedy for hair will make your hair look naturally curly, bouncy and full of volume, sans a hair iron or crimper!
  • Another important hair care tip to fight bad hair days is to oil your hair regularly. This is very critical especially if you have very frizzy or unmanageable hair. Use Dabur Almond hair oil, for a natural and effective way to get rid of frizzy, unruly hair. The oil contains 2X Vitamin E that helps in deep moisturizing and conditioning, thereby giving you smoother, silkier hair. The almond protein strengthens your hair from root to tip ensuring less hair breakage and higher hair fall control. If you have a hair fall problem, use Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive hair oil that gives your hair fall control by 50%.
  • It’s very important to eat right and drink enough water to have good healthy hair. Eat lots of nuts as it work wonders for your scalp and hair. Almonds, walnuts, and flax seeds are extremely rich in protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins which are great for hair growth and strength.
  • Last but not the least, keep your mind relaxed and stress free, as a calm mind reflects upon your tresses as well.
While for some women, bad hair days are a once in a blue moon affair, for some it’s a tragic everyday story of their lives. We hope you find our pointers on hair care tips useful in bidding goodbye to bad hair days and saying hello to wow hair days.

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