Hair Styling Tips to Look Gorgeous This Monsoon

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Hair Styling Tips to Look Gorgeous This Monsoon
Monsoon season brings with it the threat of fussy, unmanageable and damaged hair. When air containing large amount of moisture comes in contact with the damaged hair cuticles, it causes the hair to expand thus puffing them to double their original volume. But with some clever hair styling tips you can always save yourself from a bad hair day.
Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair; styling your hair in monsoon can be nothing less than a nightmare. To flaunt the latest monsoon hairstyles while keeping your hair strong & bouncy; just follow these simple and effective hair style tips for girls:

1) Don’t go crazy for styling products:

Not being blessed with naturally gorgeous tresses is a problem that hair styling products can easily fix. But using them to experiment with hair dos for rainy season can cause more damage than reparation. So what is the best hair styling tip that can work for people with damaged hair? Avoid or nullify the use of styling products during the rainy season, of course!
Reason: excessive humidity may cause the chemical in these products to react thus making your scalp excessively greasy or oily. To avoid any harm to the scalp and keep it hydrated naturally, oil it with Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil . Regular use of the hair oil will help you counter the problems of dandruff & hair fall; revitalize the driest of strands; and give a natural boost of moisture that would leave you with healthy & glowing hair.

2) Go mild with a mild shampoo:

Oily scalp is a common problem during the rainy season that further becomes the cause of problems like dandruff and hair fall. To tackle the problem of greasy scalp, regular washing of hair is recommended by hair experts as the best hairstyle tip for monsoon. Using a mild nourishing shampoo like Dabur Almond Shampoo will aid in putting an end to your hair woes. Regular shampooing during rains help maintain a healthy scalp and rid you of any pollutants or fungal infections that may affect your scalp. As an essential hair style tip for girls, no matter what monsoon hairstyles you try; always rinse your hair later with a good quality mild shampoo if you want them to retain their luster, health and shine.

3) Keep hair conditioned at all times!

Want to experiment with special hair dos for rainy season but scared of damaging your hair in the process? Fret not! Follow the simple ritual of applying a good conditioner to your strands post rinsing them with a mild shampoo. Frizzy and damaged hair is a common sight during monsoons. A quality conditioner enriched with the natural goodness of almonds, henna & amla will help control frizz in the hair and provide all the nutrients that are essential to keep the hair soft and silky. Try this monsoon special hairstyle tip so that you don’t have to say no to hair styles for rainy days ever again! Also learn about Healthy Hair Tips.

4) Not just hair, style your diet too:

A healthy body breeds healthy hair and skin. Therefore, it is very important to follow a diet that provides all the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that are required for us to live a balanced and a healthy lifestyle. External modification is good but for your hair to be stronger and healthier from inside follow a protein and vitamin rich diet so that that the hair follicles get strengthened from within. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acid, iron and calcium will help add natural bounce and shine to your hair; thus giving you gorgeous, thick and beautiful hair.

5) Put your hair up:

On a bad hair day when nothing else works try putting your hair up in a tight bun or pony. Among the most popular hair styles for rainy days are lace braid and French knot. If these hair styles sound too complicated and time-consuming, just collect all the hair in your hand, give it a twist and pin it back to make a classy pompadour. But remember to not tie your hair really tight as it leads to trapping of rain water thus leading to problems like itchy and dry scalp.

6) Keep your hair dry:

If you wish to keep your hair healthy and strong during monsoon, keep them dry at all times! It helps prevent problems like excessive hair loss & dandruff. If the hair feels flat after wash, use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair in the opposite direction of the hair starting from the back to the front. But in no case should you use mousse or wax.

Also learn about hair care in monsoon, keep reading our blog.

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