Causes of Dry And Damaged Hair and How to Treat It

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Causes of Dry And Damaged Hair and How to Treat It
Our hair goes through a lot of poking, prodding and heat in our personal quest to look a certain way. But do you give it enough love in return for all that they withstand? Hair in general can get damaged very easily. But nursing it back to health requires time, patience and the right products to do so. Using products with chemical ingredients on a damaged head of hair will do more harm than good. So before your eyes are set on a cosmetic bottle that doesn’t fulfil what it promises, think about what leads to damage in the first place and find out what’s the best oil for damaged hair.
  1. Shampoos:




    One of the worst culprits for damage is using shampoos and conditioners that are too strong. Most of the shampoos in the market today contain huge amounts of chemicals, which can cause some serious damage to your hair. So, while you’re out shopping for shampoos, look through the ingredients once.
  2. Excessive heat:


    Excessive heat


    Subjecting your hair to excessive heat in the form of straightening, curling or blow drying will dry out your hair and damage them terribly. It might be tempting to use your favourite heating tool on a morning when your hair looks unruly, but please resist that temptation. Making your hair look great for a particular day might cause a lifetime of unruly hair, if the damage caused isn’t addressed.
  3. Not Protecting Against the Sun


    Not Protecting Against the Sun


    We live in a tropical country, which means we face the most sun on a daily basis. Too much sun exposure will do a number on your scalp, causing your hair to become brittle and break easily, your hair colour to fade and your strands to weaken. When you are out in the sun, be sure to cover your hair. This holds true for those months that you go swimming as well. Hair that has been doused in chlorinated water and then exposed to the sun will definitely get very damaged. So, make sure you wash your hair with regular water and possibly a mild shampoo before stepping out in the sun.
Surprised? There are more damaging factors that ruin your hair on a daily basis! Check out the second part to this article and also find out the solution with the best oil for damaged hair.

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