A Sweat Free Guide to Post Gym Hair

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A Sweat Free Guide to Post Gym Hair
Picture this: You just dashed out of the gym. Your hair is all sweaty. You don’t have enough time to shampoo your hair. And you’re running late to work. If this scene sounds familiar, read on because we have quick-fix hair care tips to restyle your post-workout hair in a jiffy!

Hair care tip 1 A sweaty scalp can quickly dampen your style and kill your office look, but if you want great hair sans a wash, spritz some water-based hair spray to make your hair softer and more manageable. Leave your tresses loose and dress it up with a pretty hair accessory. And you’re good to go.

Tip 2 for hair care at home Another smart way to escape the washing regime is to use heat. Turn your hair upside down and hold the dryer to such out the sweat on the scalp. The blow effect on the roots will dry out the excess swear and add instant glamour to your look. Just make sure you keep the heat on medium and direct the airflow to the bottom of your strands. What’s more, the heat will also calm frizziness and smoothen flyaways.

Hair care tip 3 If you don’t like using heat on your hair, cool it off instead! Put on the fan, brush your hair with a flat brush, and work the volume. Remove all knots and tangles while you’re at it. Keep brushing till your hair is still damp. Tousle hair using your fingers and give it an edge.

Tip 4 for hair care at home When you don’t have time for a shower and blow-out, the easiest thing to do would be to throw your hair into a chic bun or a playful braid. Voila! You’re all set to make heads turn.

Hair care tip 5 While the above tips help you skip a shower, you can’t allow sweat to layer up and ruin the texture of your hair. So make sure you wash your hair every other day with a natural shampoo like Vatika Heena Olive Shampoo. The gentle yet effective ingredients cleanse your scalp and conditions from deep within. The perfect balance of natural elements, make your hair soft and silky, and give your dull, lifeless hair a smooth and silky sheen.

Tip 6 for hair care at home If your hair is getting rough with frequent shampooing, give your hair a good oil massage the previous night, using Dabur Amla hair oil. Leave it overnight and allow it to seep into the roots. To enhance the effect of the oil, wrap your hair with a steaming towel for around 30 minutes. Wash the oil off thoroughly the next morning, post your workout and see how your hair spruces up your look.
No one will ever know that you were sweating it out at the gym!

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