8 Magical Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

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8 Magical Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair
Who said that you need to have naturally thick, bouncy hair to get the perfect look when the right know-how and styling products can give your tresses the perfect body and lustre? Just follow these basic hair care tips that’ll help fine hair look thicker and fuller.
  1. Get a layered cut
    If hair is cut all to one length, it will create flatness that makes it difficult to style. Cutting your hair in layers that are tapered, graduated or at an angle, will add a feathery lightness to your hair and make it look fuller.
  2. Shampoo daily
    With fine hair, it’s important to wash it often to keep hair from being matted or weighed down by oil and dirt. So don’t be afraid to use conditioner, or a treatment. Condition your hair from deep within, while gently cleansing and nourishing your hair with Dabur Vatika Heena & Olive Shampoo.
  3. Condition your hair
    If your hair is thin and fine then you very well know that it’s susceptible to knots and tangles. In order to hydrate your hair while protecting it from the chemicals that go into making strong conditioners, use a light conditioner in the shower. Try conditioning before you shampoo, because sometimes conditioners can leave a residue on hair and the shampoo will take care of that.
  4. Flip over
    Most women with fine hair don’t look for an overly fluffy shape, but they prefer something elegant and sleek with enough volume at the roots. In order to create natural volume, apply the styling product that suits your hair type at the roots and blow-dry with your head turned upside down. Then, wind a round brush at the roots to create lift and let it uncoil naturally to create soft, medium volume.
  5. Regular trims
    If you’re one of those with finer hair, you can really benefit from more frequent trims. Six to eight weeks after a cut, hair often starts to get flat, refreshing layers regularly helps in retaining the shape and this can be.
  6. Sleep on it
    Another way to add more body to fine hair is to sleep with hair braided or rolled into a high bun. Split hair into chunks and roll hair from the bottom up around fabric strips to create bohemian curls that will last all day.
  7. Bangs
    Bangs give your hair a fuller look and can add body to your hair. Consider cutting in side-swept bangs, fringe or blunt bangs.
  8. Extensions
    Extensions aren't just for celebrities anymore. More and more women get permanent extensions and clip-ons to add fullness and body to frail hair. But before you try it on, make sure to find a good stylist who can give you the perfect look using extensions.
Follow these special hair care tips to give your hair a new life. Also, read more on home remedies for thick hair. Tell us about the compliments you receive in the comments below.

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