7 Amazing Benefits of Ginger For Your Hair And Skin

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7 Amazing Benefits of Ginger For Your Hair And Skin
Every household has ginger in its kitchen, but did you know that this root vegetable has many more uses beyond cooking? The aromatic and pungent ginger has an important place in natural medicine and Ayurveda due to its therapeutic nature. Apart from being a great remedy for cold and flu, ginger aids digestion, relieves migraines, prevents cancer and diabetes, treats flatulence and does so much more. In addition to the medicinal value, ginger is an ingredient that packs a whole lot of skin care tips and hair care tips. Read on to find out why and how you need a generous dose of ginger.
  • Anti-ageing
    Packed with over 40 antioxidant compounds, ginger is a powerful age fighter that removes toxins, stimulates circulation, delivers nutrients to the skin and prevents damage from free radicals. Therefore, making the skin firmer, more elastic and slowing down the signs of ageing.
  • Blemishes and acne
    As a great antiseptic, ginger cleanses the skin and keeps it blemish-free by invigorating and stimulating the skin. It not only reduces the chance of breakouts, it also clears acne-causing bacteria and helps clear the skin. Make sure your kitchen always has a good stock of ginger!
  • Skin toning
    An aphrodisiac and antioxidant, ginger is a wonderful skin toner, the goodness of which comes into play via this simple skin care tip that can be tried at home – mix a large grated ginger with 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of lemon juice, apply this mixture on your face, keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Your skin will be soft and well nourished!
  • Hair growth
    When hair follicles are stimulated, hair growth is encouraged. And that’s what ginger does! Try this hair care tip - make a hair mask by grating some ginger root and mixing it with 1 spoon of jojoba oil. Massage this mixture on to your scalp, in circular motions and leave it on for half an hour, rinse it with a gentle shampoo. You won’t just see your hair fall problem improve, you will also experience hair regrowth!
  • Dry and brittle hair
    As a good source of vitamins, zinc and phosphorus, ginger is great remedy for dry and dull hair. Increase your intake of ginger and you’ll notice a shine in your hair in no time!
  • Split ends
    Ginger extracts can also be used for treating damaged hair follicles and split ends, which are caused due to over exposure to pollutants and excessive heat styling.
  • Dandruff
    Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems women face today. So use the antiseptic properties of ginger to get rid of dandruff. How? Use ginger oil as a remedy. Mix 2 spoons of freshly grated ginger with 3 spoons of Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Massage this mixture on your scalp and rinse after keeping it on for 20 minutes. Try this natural hair care tip at least twice a week to get clean dandruff-free scalp.
Now that you know how much good ginger can do to your hair and skin, try our tips and let us know if they helped in the comments section.

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