6 Quick Hairstyles You Must Try This Summer

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6 Quick Hairstyles You Must Try This Summer
your hair in summers can be quite a handful. And as much as you would love your tresses to look their best, at times they decide to have a mind of their own and in the process, become unmanageable. But if you want to cut short the fuss and keep it trendy and simple, then we have some great hair care tips in the form of easy hairstyle tutorials that’ll you can make even if you wake up late and don’t have time to stop for a latte on your way to work.
  1. Let’s do the twist
    Let’s do the twist

    A classic wavy look with a tiny twist, this unique hot summer hairstyle lets your natural waves flow while saving your time fighting with a flat iron. Just twist two small sections of hair into tight coils and secure them under your waves with bobby pins. And voila!
  2. Accessorise

    Both playful and polished, this easy summer hairstyle works like magic with your natural hair. Just add a cute accessory like a floral pin or fancy headband to quickly create an effortlessly gorgeous look. You can also try using a headband, teasing the crown and corners to evenly distribute volume around the headband can add a puffed look to your style. Isn’t that a simple hairstyle tutorial?
  3. Waves

    This gorgeous yet simple summer hairstyle doesn't take a long time unlike many others which take forever to prepare. So, flaunt your hair's natural curls by letting it hang loose and brush locks away from the face. This flexible style can be dressed up for the office or down for a summer picnic.
  4. The Simple Pony
    The Simple Pony

    Perfect for a summer date night with your special someone, this hot summer hairdo is so easy, you can do it between the drive from home to work. All you need is smoothen your hair back with a round-bristle brush, then gather it into a ponytail and secure with an elastic hair tie.
  5. The casual updo
    The casual updo

    No matter how much time you spend getting ready, face-framing layers always make you look picture perfect. Just use your side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones. An easy to make updo, this summer hairstyle tutorial can keep you going throughout the day. Just brush bangs to the side and gather hair in the back with a band or clip.
  6. The lazy bun
    The lazy bun

    For a cool, laid-back-sophisticated summer look, try a classic bun. Simply brush your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Twist your hair around the band and use pins to hold it in place.
These hairstyles look even more stunning when your tresses are nourished. So make your hair healthy and strong with Dabur Almond Hair Oil. It enriches your hair, making them strong from inside and beautiful on the outside, making you look absolutely gorgeous all day long. Feel gorgeous inside out and shine on!

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