6 Pretty Updos Perfect for Hot Weather

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6 Pretty Updos Perfect for Hot Weather
Though you might enjoy letting your gorgeous hair down and let it blow in the wind, it won’t last for long when it turns into a sweaty, sticky mess in the summer heat. With temperatures rising, we resort to one of two options: chop off our hair or toss it up into a boring ponytail. Not happening this summer! This season, we’re wearing one of these chic new updos plus natural hair care tips that’ll not only keep you cool, but also make you look hotter than ever. So here are some easy & simple updo hairstyles that will make your hairs easily manageable this summer.
  • Sock Bun
    Wouldn’t you love to look like an old-school ballet dancer? While the term sock bun might sound very odd to you, there is no easier way to fake the big bun effect – if the texture of your hair is thin.

    Sock Bun


    How-to: There are plenty of ways to create the sock bun, but the best way is the rolling technique. Using scissors cut off the toe section of a darkly colored or black sock. Roll the sock into a donut shape. Pull hair back into a ponytail and pull the ends of your pony through the hole in the center of the sock. Spread the tips of your hair over the sock and tuck under, covering the sock. Slowly roll the sock down towards the base. With each flip downward, your hair will roll along with the sock, dispersing over the fabric. Pin hair at the base to secure the bun. To add that extra bounce and shine to your hair follow our natural hair care tip and use Vatika Henna and Olive Shampoo.
  • Topknot with French Braid
    This summer, women are updating the simple updo with a party-in-the-back vibe. Creating an upside-down French braid under your topknot adds an almost hidden surprise. Plus, the polished topknot can be created in under five minutes.

    Topknot with French Braid


    How-to: Begin by dabbing some Dabur Almond Hair Oil on your hair to give it a feathery light texture. Flip your head upside down and create a traditional French braid, starting at the nape of your neck, moving up your head. Once you reach the crown, pull hair into a high ponytail. Tie with an elastic, then wrap hair around the base and pin the ends. Lastly, use pomade to smooth gravity-boosted flyaways on the top and sides of your hair. Use this natural hair care tip to make your hair smooth and shiny give this hair-do a feathery look.
  • The Bohemian Crown
    It may have started off as a flowery updo, but now the look has evolved into a 360-degree braided headband.

    The Bohemian Crown


    How-to: Apply some smoothening cream through your damp hair to smoothen up and keep strands from slipping out of the braided crown. Starting just above the right ear, French braid a two-inch section of hair all the way around the hairline until you reach your starting point. With the remaining hair, continue braiding the section into a regular plait (that is not attached to your head) and secure ends with a clear elastic. Lay this braid right along the inner rim of the French braid, and keep it in place with bobby pins.
  • Tucked over ponytail
    The looped pony has always been a lazy solution for sweaty days. But if done properly, it could instantly make you look ultra-chic, effortlessly.

    Tucked over ponytail


    How-to: Begin by using your fingers to put hair off your face and into a ponytail at the crown. This gives the surface an organic feel. Next, cover the elastic by wrapping a small section of hair around the base, tucking ends underneath. Lightly backcomb the ponytail for volume and roll the ends outwards and upwards to the top of the crown. Pin ends at the base and gently tug the ponytail for a fanned-out effect. Finish with a healthy mist of hairspray to keep all strands in place.
  • Braided bun
    One of the easiest way to look classy while saving yourself from the summer heat, the lovely braided bun looks sophisticated with just the right amount of texture. Besides, it's now our go-to style for the upcoming weddings season.

    Braided bun


    How-to: Create a side part and smooth hair back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Leave out 2-inch sections just above the ear on each side. Braid these sections as well as the ponytail. You should now have three braids: one large and two smaller side braids. Gently loosen the ponytail by tugging outward on the big braid, then wrap the braided ponytail around the base, pinning as you go. Take the two side braids and crisscross them at the base, pinning the remaining ends underneath the wrapped pony. And you’re done!
  • Rolled updo
    If you want a break from the regular braided updos that most of the chicks have been following this summer, this natural hair care tip in the form of a twisted retro hairstyle will add a new twist to your style.

    Sock Bun


    How-to: Wash your hair with Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to give your hair a naturally sleek and suave texture. Run a light mousse through your hair, which will give the hairstyle grip but still look touchable and soft. Part hair down the middle and twist one side and secure with bobby pins at the nape of your neck; repeat on the opposite side. Crisscross twisted hair, tucking ends into rolled hair. Finish with a mist of strong-hold hairspray. So ladies, look and feel no less than a diva this summer by following these easy to do hairdos and natural hair care tips right at home. Be gorgeous and keep it stylish, and if you want more, check out part I of this series.
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