5 DIY Awesome Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

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5 DIY Awesome Party Hairstyles for Long Hair
With the party season approaching, we’re sure you must have found yourself the perfect outfits, shoes and accessories. You’ve figured out your make-up and you’re nails are just about done, but what about your hair? Your hairstyle is capable of determining the whole look and feel of your party-do. Fret not, because whether you like your hair worn down, loose, flowing, up, or even curled, we’ve got it all covered! Here are some easy party hairstyles for long hair and hair care tips that are guaranteed to make you look stunning at the ball.
  1. Side Bun

    A quick and easy updo that compliments every style.
    How To:
    • Gather hair and create a low side ponytail.
    • Lightly backcomb the ponytail to make it appear fuller.
    • Twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
    Best suited for:
    An oval face with medium to high-density hair and any texture will compliment this style.
  2. Curls and Ponytail

    A great way to give a basic ponytail an added twist is by simply curling your hair.
    How To:
    • Curl sections of hair in random directions using a medium barrel iron.
    • Pull hair back into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band.
    • Set the style using your favorite hairspray.
    Best suited for:
    All face shapes with hair that is medium to high in density and medium to coarse in texture.
  3. Soft Side

    Experience something feminine, delicate and sexy by pulling your hair to one side, especially when it involves waves.
    How To:
    • Curl hair using a large barrel iron.
    • Pin hair to the side.
    • Set the style using a flexible hold spray.
    Best suited for:
    This hairstyle for long hair will suit any face shape and any hair density.
  4. High-Tied Bun

    A hairstyle for long hair that makes you stand apart without actually having to put in much effort.
    How To:
    • Leaving the very front pieces out, pull your hair into a high ponytail.
    • Wrap your hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
    • Use your favorite hairspray to set the style.
    Best suited for:
    Coarse hair that is high in density is ideal for this hairstyle.
  5. Vintage Curls

    This style features deep side parted hair with classic, shiny defined curls with sharp ridges.
    How To:
    • Make a deep side part.
    • Take sections of your hair and twist and wrap them around a small barrel-curling wand.
    • Apply a shine product.
    • Use your favorite hairspray to set in the style.
    Best suited for:
    All face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and low to medium in density.
    Hope you liked our hair care tips and try out these hairstyles for long hair.

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