How to Use Hair Accessories For Long Hair

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12 Ways To Accessorize Hairstyles For Long Hair
There’s nothing better than waking up with a great hair day, but what do you do when your hair refuses to behave? You still have to look your best. And, when it comes to perfecting your hairdo, why ruin it using an arsenal of products and investing tons of time and effort — not to mention perhaps a professional or two. What if we told you that you could cheat your way by using a non-sticky hair nourisher like Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil and land up with an enviable hairstyle for long hair? All you need is a bunch of scene-stealing hair accessories to dress up your tresses. And you’re all set to create a new look every day!
  1. Go retro with an embellished headband

    We’ll tell you how to get beautiful hair. Wear an embellished headband on your forehead and spread the 70s vibe in style.
  2. Get a grip!

    Follow this hair care tip - split your hair in small sections, dress it up with a set of cute comb grips, and look oh-so pretty.
  3. Go boho!

    Give your hair a chic side parting and add a feathered clip-on. With this hair care tip, you’re bound to be the head turner!
  4. Accessorize your hair with a flower

    Hair looking limp? Make a chic top-knot and pin a couple of flowers around it. Make sure you fix bobby pins to keep your look in place and add a flourished finish!
  5. Go desi with maang tika

    With a beautiful natural hairstyle. Add the ‘maang tika’ look and elevate your everyday style. And oh, get ready to receive compliments!
  6. Go European with a fascinator

    You don’t have to go to the Derby to wear a fascinator. Steal the spotlight with a conversation starter like this.
  7. Feathered touch

    Make the ordinary side braid look extraordinary with a few tail feathers. Make sure it’s a messy braid to look ultra-pretty!
  8. Put a bow on it!

    When in doubt, wear a pink polka dotted bow. Place it on a bun or on a pony tail and look cute as a button!
  9. Bejewelled belle!

    This style is always a hit and it’s super simple too. Make a chic chignon and slide an embellished accessory that will keep your style perfectly in place. Ooh la la!
  10. Schoolgirl look!

    Because you don’t have to be a school girl to wear a hair band and rock a beautiful natural hairstyle. Sport this cute look when your fringe is all over the place, and no one will even notice!
  11. Take a bow!

    Long limp hair? No problem. Here’s a nifty hair care tip. Take a silk scarf. Make a bow. And look Parisian chic!
  12. Clip it!

    Pin up your messy bed head with quirky clips that ooze attitude. Not only will you look whimsical, your hair accessories will also act as a conversation starter!
That’s that! Look your best with minimal effort. Check out more hairstyles for long hair & long hair tips to keep them healthy & shiny.

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