10 Reasons for Hair Fall

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10 Reasons Why You Have Hair Fall
Everyone loses hair. But unexplained hair loss can be stressful, and even scary. Though men are more likely to lose hair than women, women get perturbed when they see a tuft of hair in their brush or the drain. What’s important is to know why you have a hair loss problem in the first place. So let’s find out what are the reasons for hair fall, shall we? Read on to learn about remedies on how to prevent hair loss with the 10 reasons for hair fall mentioned below:
  1. Weight gain or loss

    When your weight sways, so does your hair. In simple words, sudden weight loss or gain is actually a form of physical trauma that causes thinning of hair. Eating disorders put your body through stress as a result of which irregular distribution of proteins and vitamins happens and in turn causes hair fall.
  2. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy too causes a kind of physical stress that induces hair loss. But the good news is that this type of hair loss reduces soon after the baby is delivered.
  3. Menopause

    Like pregnancy activates hormones that cause hair loss, so can menopause. With age, hair follicles mature and also cause you to lose more hair. This is an irreversible damage, so make sure you see a doctor to reduce the effects.
  4. Thyroid disorder

    If you have a case of hypothyroidism, the little gland located in your neck doesn’t produce enough hormones that promote metabolism and, therefore contributing to hair loss.
  5. Stress

    You’ve heard it everywhere – any kind of stress can cause damage to your skin and hair, and that includes hairfall too. You hair has a life cycle: a growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase, so when you have a stressful event, it pushes your tresses to shedding phase and the effects continue for up to six months thereon.
  6. Low on protein

    Does your body get enough protein? Studies prove that when your diet doesn’t include much of protein, your body starts rationing protein by shutting down hair growth. But the good news is this is reversible. Increase your protein intake and you’ll see a surge in hair growth too.
  7. Are you anaemic?

    Apparently, 1 out of 10 women, in the age group of 20-50 suffer from iron deficiency, which in turn leads to hair loss. How to prevent hair loss due to anaemia? See a doctor first to run a simple blood test and determine if you have it for sure.
  8. Overdose of vitamin A

    Contrary to iron and protein, supplements or medications containing vitamin A can trigger hair loss. Basically, anything in excess isn’t good for you.
  9. Hair styling

    Are you into regular colouring, blow drying, chemical hair straightening, dry shampoos, hair sprays, tight hair ties, hair weaves? Then you stand guilty! Because these harsh hair practices directly affect the hair root and cause your hair to fall.How to stop hair fall ? Our simple hair fall control tip is to go easy on the styling.
  10. Hair Loss can also be hereditary

    If none of the above reasons work for you, blame it on your genes. Because androgenetic alopecia (go look that up) does cause hair loss. We recommend that you visit a dermatologist to diagnose the pattern of hair loss first.
But wait, we have good news too – most of these reasons cause temporary hair fall. So take a chill pill, use a trusty hair nourisher like Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil that reduces hairfall by 50%, and don’t lose your head over hair fall.
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