Top 21 Foods for Fair & Glowing Skin

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7 glowing skin foods

In our daily diet we eat many things that we like and love to eat. But have you ever thought that whether the thing you are eating daily is doing any good to your body or not? Well, the answer of great majority is no because of lack of knowledge about the food for glowing skin and good health. For glowing & radiant skin, it is essential to follow a proper diet that would help you achieve the desired results.

21 Best Foods for glowing Skin:

  1. Apple
  2. Carrot
  3. Brown Rice
  4. Seafood or Fish
  5. Strawberries
  6. Spinach
  7. Tomatoes
  8. Avocado
  9. Papaya
  10. Eggs
  11. Nuts & Seeds
  12. Beetroot
  13. Sweet Potatoes
  14. Turmeric
  15. Oats
  16. Broccoli
  17. Pumpkin
  18. Green Tea
  19. Blueberries
  20. Coconut
  21. Dark Chocolate
  1. APPLE

    Apples for Glowing Skin
    Everyone knows that apple is good for health but very few know the skin benefits associated with it. Apple has Vitamin C that helps in providing inner radiance and keeps the skin lustrous and firm. Also, the premature skin aging is prevented with the help of apple as it stops free-radical damage. One can consume an apple a day or apply its juice over face for 15 minutes to keep the skin glowing.

    Carrots for Glowing Skin
    Carrot is a rich source of protein and Vitamins such Vitamin A. Our body coverts the beta carotene of carrots in Vitamin A and makes the skin glowing. Also, carrot keeps the skin wrinkle free and even toned in long run. The water content in carrot is also good enough to the body and skin hydrated and supple. Adding carrot in routine diet is very easy as you could add it in the salad, make various dishes from it or simply drink carrot juice to stay fit and beautiful.

    Eat Brown Rice for Glowing Skin
    Well it might sound bit weird but yes the brown rice is a good food for glowing skin. In many of the commercial beauty products, one could find ceramides, a content derived from the brown rice. Brown rice helps in keeping the moisturized. Thus, eating brown rice naturally will add ceramides that will add up in the outer layer of the skin and makes it hydrated. As an end result, the skin looks glowing with the help of hydrating effect of brown rice.

    Seafood/Fish for Glowing Skin
    The vegetarian doesn’t have all the skin benefits. The seafood lovers also have the right to enjoy health and skin benefits. Many of the seafood especially fish is a rich source of Omega-3s, which is slows down the wrinkle or aging process and fights acne problem strongly. The fish oil supplements also works great for people suffering from acne problems, only if they don’t wish to eat oily fish every week. So, don’t forget to add some fish to your diet to give omega-3s boost to the skin.

    Eat Strawberries for Glowing Skin
    The sweet red berries can make your skin look glowing pink and red. The antioxidants present in the strawberries and other dark berries fights blemishes and keeps the skin flawless for ages. Also, strawberry is a natural whitening agent due to the malic acid present in it. So, add some berries to your diet and make your skin look radiant and even toned.

    Have Spinach for Glowing Skin
    The green spinach is popular for keeping the eyes healthy. Spinach is a popular veggie used in various dishes and even in salads. The first and foremost thing important to keep the skin glowing is a clear skin. And spinach has the capacity to clear out all the toxins from the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the antioxidants in spinach help in reducing wrinkles processing over the skin.

    Tomatoes to get Glowing Skin
    The tangy red tomatoes are used in variety of dishes as well as puree in some Italian dishes too. Tomato has a special compound called lycopene, which makes it look red plays major role in reducing the hormone that promotes acne over skin. To get glowing skin, it is necessary to add tomato in routine diet for at least three to five times in a week. The lycopene agent in the tomato has various skin benefits such as defending the skin from UV rays, stubborn spots, stopping acne stimulating hormones and off course clearing the skin. Beyond this, the carotenoids in the orange to reddish color vegetables and fruits help in improving the balance of antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are good for skin’s health and there should be a proper balance of it in body to keep it skin healthy and glowing.

    Avocados for Glowing Skin
    Like apples and strawberries, Avocado is full of anti-oxidants that help in making our skin glow naturally. Avocadoes are packed with vitamins that help smoothening of the skin along with giving it a blemish-free shine. Being cholesterol free, they can be eaten raw or paired with other fruits and vegetables to drain out their maximum benefits. Vitamin E oil in the fruit helps in providing even tone to the skin. Massaging your face with a mix of avocado, milk, honey and lemon will make your skin soft and supple while adding a natural glow to it.

    Papaya for Glowing Skin
    Papayas are not just good for a healthy body but works wonders for the skin as well. They help in moisturizing, clearing pigmentation, reducing wrinkles and under eye dark circles, treat eczema, remove tan and control blackheads and other breakouts. Since in India papaya is available all year round, it is very easy to procure the fruit and consume. It is also filled with antioxidants and hence result in flawless and even-toned skin. You can also apply a mix of honey and papaya on your skin on a regular basis for a flawless complexion and blemish free skin texture.
  10. EGGS

    Eggs for Glowing Skin
    Eggs work like magic for our skin, in all weathers and types. Egg white is a natural astringent and hence consuming the white portion daily helps in skin cleansing. Eggs help in reducing excessive oil from the pores and help restore melanin the in the skin, hence reducing skin tan problems. Proteins in the egg also help retain elasticity of the skin, which delays ageing. Consuming eggs regularly also help remove wrinkles, scars, rosacea, large pores, acne, and rashes.
  11. NUTS & SEEDS

    Nuts & Seeds for Glowing Skin
    Eating nuts and seeds is a very good habit and boosts inner as well as external health tremendously. Nuts and seeds work like magic for the skin as they are high in protein thus making it smooth, supple and younger. Almonds and pumpkin seeds are packed with fiber and essential fatty acids, which help fight skin disorders and keep a check on pimples and breakouts. Just keep munching on nuts and seeds and see a visible change in your skin tone.

    Beetroots for Glowing Skin
    To keep the skin hydrated, beetroot is the best remedy. Being rich in skin enhancing nutrients, beetroot is very effective for oily and pimple prone skin. Eating raw vegetable or its juice can be very beneficial for the much-needed glow. Beetroot is a rich source of Iron, vitamins and minerals and help in purifying blood, leading to healthy and toxin free skin. Also it works amazingly well in removing dark spots and blemishes from the skin. The regular consumption of beetroot can lead to blemishes and dark spots disappear in no time.

    Sweet Potatoes for Glowing Skin
    Sweet potato, loaded with health benefits, is an excellent source of skin vitalizer. Sweet potato is considered as an excellent source of natural, health-promoting compounds known as beta-carotene and anthocyanin, which fights pigmentation and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. They help fight skin degeneration that happens due to pollution and stress. Vitamins A, B, and C have antioxidant properties that help in fighting against damage caused by free radicals. Sweet potato also helps in improving oily skin and the texture.

    Turmeric to Get Glowing Skin
    The golden touch of turmeric works like magic for the skin. Loaded with anti-bacterial properties, turmeric reduces chances of skin infections, pimples, dark patches and helps repair oily and dull skin. The antioxidants present in the spice helps in giving a youthful glow to the skin. A mix of milk, honey and a pinch of honey is known to add natural glow to the face. You can apply it every night before going to bed and wash it off with tap water to revel fresh, glowing and fair complexion.
  15. OATS

    Oats for Glowing Skin
    Oats not just hit a bull’s eye when it comes to keeping ourselves fit and healthy but are a major source of vitamins that keeps the skin glowing, radiant and younger looking. Oats enhance blood flow, reduce inflammation and aid in healthy sugar levels that keep the shine on the face intact. They help on lowering the ageing process which in turn prevents wrinkles. They are low on glycemic index and hence work well to hydrate the skin as well. Oats mixed with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water, milk and honey makes for an excellent homemade face scrub and helps remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Using it regularly will give you fresh and glowing skin.

    Broccoli for Glowing Skin
    Being an incredible source of Vitamins and fiber, Broccoli is among the best vegetables for skin enhancement. It detoxifies bad cells from the skin and helps repair the damaged ones. It also sources anti-inflammation and hence keep the pimples and acne out. Consuming broccoli in daily diet helps in keeping the sugar levels in check.

    Have Pumpkin to Get Glowing Skin
    Pumpkin is one of the best clear skin weapons available. Being rich in Vitamins, Pumpkin provides an all-round nutrition to the skin making it healthy and soft. It is full of water contents and thus hydrates the skin during summer months, keeping it supple. It is also low on glycemic index and hence keeps blood sugar levels in check which in turn keep the skin radiant and acne free.

    Consume Green Tea for Glowing Skin
    Green tea is full of health benefits and hence its daily consumption is recommended by all health practitioners. Pour yourself a cup of this elixir and watch your skin radiate and glow. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Doctors recommend drinking two cups green tea a day that not only helps prevent skin cancer but might also reverse the effects of sun damage by neutralizing the changes that appear in sun-exposed skin. But one needs to be careful as too much caffeine can also cause cancer.

    Eat Blue Berries to Get Glowing Skin
    Known to be among nature’s finest elements, Blueberries are extremely important to be added to one’s daily diet for a wonderful skin. The berries help producing skin-repair cells and flush our ageing and damaging follicles. They also help in boosting the strength of collagen fibers. They also help in anti-inflammation and have healing properties. Hence, a good consumption of blueberries can help you get rid of wrinkles and marks on the skin.

    Coconut for Glowing Skin
    A tropical wonder, coconut is a natural hydrant for the skin, giving it a joyful glow. The fruit is filled with benefits for the skin that help in rejuvenating and reviving the dead skin cells. Daily consumption of coconut can enhance elasticity of the skin, hence delaying fine lines and wrinkles. Coconut also replenishes and rehydrates the skin making it softer and younger looking. Coconut also has a fungal and bacteria healing properties and hence works very well to fight against skin infections.

    Eat Dark Chocolates for Glowing Skin
    Surprised to find chocolate on the healthy foods list? For all the chocolate loving people the good news is that dark chocolate helps in reducing roughness in the skin and provide sun screen protection. The antioxidants present in chocolate helps better the skin texture making it smooth. Dark chocolate is also said to have anti-inflammation properties and helps fight infections. But remember to eat with caution as too much of it can lead to pimples and acne apart from weight gain issues.

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Regular consumption of wrong food snatches away the goodness of the right food and hence it does not have any positive effect. So, put a full stop to the wrong eating habits, otherwise be ready to dump your skin with dryness and dullness. The list of some unhealthy food items that crass your skin are as follows.

Top 7 Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin:

  1. Packaged or Processed Food
  2. Hydrogenated Fats and Fried Food
  3. Artificial Flavors and Sweetener Food
  4. Excess of Sugar
  5. Caffeine
  6. White Pastas & Breads
  7. Excess of Salt

    Avoid Packaged Foods for Glowing Skin
    It is clearly proven that there is hardly any nutritious value in packaged and processed food and living enzymes get lost during the processes. Also, the packaged food are said to have low water content in the same food as compared to its raw state. For example, fruits and vegetables in their raw state have more water content than in packaged state. Hydration is very much necessary for the body and healthy skin and if we eat less water content food or less hydrated food then it’s obvious to lose the luster and glow from the skin.

    Avoid Fried Foods for Glowing Skin
    Fried foods and hydrogenated fats prepared in hot oil become oxidize in hot oil and when we consume that food product, it doesn’t detox in our body. As everyone knows that to keep our skin healthy, the body should have healthy metabolism and blood circulation to keep the skin glowing.

    Avoid Artificial Flavors for Glowing Skin
    There are many food products in market that consists of artificial flavors and sweetener in them. Artificial flavors, colorings and sweetener are basically a set of chemistry, which should not go into our body. They histamine reaction in our body and stores chemicals in our body tissue. So, avoid food items and products that contain additive like artificial flavors, sugar and colors.

    Avoid Excess of Sugar for Glowing Skin
    Excess of sugary treats such as candies, chocolates and other sugar products are not good for our health and weaken the immunity system . And when our immunity system gets weak, it loses the capacity to fight bacteria, which is a major cause of acne and other skin problems. Hence, try and avoid excess of sugar to keep the immune system strong and healthy to fight various skin and health issues.

    Avoid Caffeine for Glowing Skin
    Some people are mad about coffee, cold drinks and many other caffeinated drinks. But the sad part is they don’t know how bad secrets these caffeinated drinks have. The caffeinated beverages increase the cortisol level in the body, which is also known as stress hormone. Increase of cortisol level in the body leads to speeding up of aging process, thinning of skin and many other skin problems. Hence, consume the caffeinated drinks moderately or as less as possible.

    Avoid White Breads for Glowing Skin
    No we are not saying to give up on your favourite food. All we are saying is that pastas, cakes and breads made with refined flour must be banished from your diet if you wish to have a glowing and flawless skin. Food items made with white/refined flour fall under the glucemic foods cadre that are known to unlock the doors for bacteria and other inflammation formation which increases the production of sebum and leads to acne prone skin.

    Avoid Excess of Salt for Glowing Skin
    Too much of salt intake can prove to be harmful for the health of your skin. It leads to puffiness under the eyes, facial bloating and water retention as a result of which your skin starts looking dull and haggard.

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