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Effective Home Remedies and Tips on How to Prevent Hair Fall

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Effective Home Remedies and Tips on How to Prevent Hair Fall
Everyone faces a tough time with their hairs once in a lifetime. And if it is about long and gorgeous tresses of ladies, the tough phase seems always on. For every lady on earth, hair care is a major concern in their beauty regime. No one would like to carry frizzy, dull, dry and messy hair while going to office or for any public gathering. For many ladies, their hair is the only thing they love to work upon and care about. And for some, managing their hair is the last affair in their busy schedule. In today’s busy lifestyle and changing habits, giving proper attention and time to hair care has become very difficult. The working ladies hardly get any time in their weekday drill to care about their hair. But the fact couldn’t be denied that even working ladies also dream to have beautiful healthy hairs. But the lack of time and care is leading to hair damage and hair loss problem at large ratio. And almost every second lady is wondering how to prevent hair fall and natural ways to put a full stop to this problem.

Hair fall is a serious issue and reflects the degrading health of hair as the time moves on. It is the most common issue and millions of ladies around the globe complain about this issue. But alas! Very few ladies go on the right path of following some home remedies to prevent hair fall. Going by the natural way of controlling hair fall is the ideal and safest ways of all. A huge line up of commercial hair care products is always there to disguise the worried ladies about hair fall. But in real facts, it is just a starry trap to snatch the money humbly from people who are worried about their hair loss problem. With no doubts, it could be said that hair loss is a painless distressing problem for every lady. Hair fall creates an environment of stress for the person suffering from this problem. For some ladies, every talk and thought ends up as a discussion over ways to prevent hair fall.

Hair fall is not any natural or genetic problem, it starts off with a reason or when there is lack of care and attention towards hair. For the better knowledge of folks, there are many reasons that could lead to the problem of hair fall. Even the smallest habit of combing hair in wrong manner could end up giving hair fall problem. Hence, it is important for every individual especially those who love their hair to get familiar with some common reasons of hair fall. So, here are some common reasons that cause the beginning of distressing hair fall:

Causes of hair fall

  • Avoid hairstyling and treatments:

    Every lady likes to do some stylish hairdo or hair styling of hair. Some even go to expensive salons for getting expensive hair makeup and treatments. All these activities ultimately put hair in stress. Reason behind the stress is excessive usage of chemical based products, heating machine and tight tie up of hair. When the hair are stretched and tied up tightly, it gets loosen from the roots or scalp and get prone to breakage. This kind of treatment and behavior with hair leads to the common problem of hair loss at early age. Hence, try and avoid tight ponytails, pigtails, cornrows or other hair dos which puts hair in intense stress.
  • Stress leads to hair fall:

    Any kind of stress whether mental or physical could initiate the problem of hair loss in an individual. Situations of physical stress such as physical trauma, car accident, surgery, severe illness and even the minor flu could lead to temporary hair loss problem. Hence, it is important to stay fit to have healthy hair. Emotional stress also triggers hair loss as the excess of pressure or stress of any event shocks the hair cycle. The hair cycle of every individual include three phase that are growth, rest and shedding phase. If any stressful event shocks the hair cycle, it pushes more hairs into the phase of shedding which result in major hair loss problem.
  • Lack of nutrition:

    Nutrition is the key factor in making hair strong or weak. If the hairs are not getting proper nutrition, proteins and vitamins in regular diet then the hair might start falling in heavy quantity. It is said that deficiency of some vitamins and proteins also cause the problem of hair fall. Keratin protein is considered the major protein that helps in growth of hair and iron gives strength to hair. If the regular diet of an individual lacks such essential protein, iron and other vitamins then the hair will not stay healthy for long time.
  • Hormonal imbalance causes hair fall:

    The hormonal balance in every individual affects the health of hair directly. If there is any kind of hormonal imbalance due to childbirth, pregnancy, onset of menopause or any other factor then it could cause the problem of temporary hair fall. Thyroid glands also the affect the growth and loss of hair, so if a person is suffering from thyroid problem then there are more chances of hair loss problem with that person. So, to prevent hair loss, it is important to maintain hormonal balance in body.
  • Hair fall due to medication:

    There are cases where some individuals has to go through acute medication due to diseases such as cancer, heart problems, arthritis, depression, high blood, birth control and many others. The drugs used in such medical problems leads to hair loss problem. Excessive consumption of Vitamin A drug or supplements could also lead to the problem of hair loss. Beyond medication, there are some medical conditions that also lead to hair loss. Some of the medical conditions are insomnia, anemia, skin infections, scalp infections and few others. Hence, if any person is suffering from any of the mentioned medical condition, it might be possible that hair loss also start parallel to the disease. Consulting the doctor and asking about the hair loss query is advisable in such situations.
The list of reasons for hair fall problem is endless. Even the routine habits and lifestyle of an individual can bring in the problem of hair loss. And as the reasons are plenty, so are the solutions that tells how to prevent hair fall by following some easy home remedies for hair fall. Here is the list of home ingredients and some fantastic combinations that could help in controlling hair fall:

Home remedies for hair fall

  • Coconut oil and curry leaves:

    The benefits of coconut oil in hair care world need no introduction. Even a child is familiar with the usage of coconut oil for healthy and strong hairs. Talking about the curry leaves, the aromatic herbal leaves not only add flavor to kitchen dishes but also adds volume to hair. Curry leaves are said to be an effective ingredient for increasing hair growth and preventing hair loss. The combination of curry leaves and coconut oil is counted amongst the best
  • home remedies to prevent hair fall.

    To take full advantage of this combination, boil 7-8 curry leaves in half cup of Vatika Coconut oil.Remember to avoid burning of curry leaves and maintaining it in boiling temperature. When the black residue forming starts appearing in the boiling oil, put down the oil to cool down in few minutes. Apply the black residue forming twice in a week to obtain major reduction in hair fall.
  • Indian gooseberry (Amla):

    Indian Gooseberry is famous for its amazing hair care benefits in home remedy books. Even the Ayurveda dictates the magical health and hair care benefits of Amla. The hair follicles could be strengthened and hair growth could be stimulated with the help of Amla. Amla is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which is good for healthy hair. Wondering how to prevent hair fall with the help of Amla? Worry not, it’s very easy. Just mix up two teaspoons of lime juice and Amla juice together and apply it gently all over the scalp. Let the mixture dry naturally and stay upon head for two hours. Later, wash head with lukewarm water. One could also choose to use Dabur Amla Hair oil to massage hair and prevent hair fall.
  • Fenugreek to prevent hair fall:

    Fenugreek, a very popular Indian kitchen ingredient is a high potential hair loss prevention ingredient. Fenugreek seeds also known as Methi in India culture are rich in hormone antecedents that helps in rebuilding of hair follicles and enhancing hair growth. The nicotinic acid and proteins in fenugreek seeds also promotes hair growth. To use fenugreek seeds to control hair fall, soak one cup seeds in water for a whole night. Next morning, make the paste of soaked fenugreek seeds by grinding them and apply the prepared paste evenly over hair. Cover the head with shower cap and let the paste work for 40 minutes. At the end, wash hairs with mild shampoo. Following this remedy for a month regularly could put a full stop to hair loss problem.
  • Onion juice to prevent hair loss:

    The smell of onion might seem unbearable to some people but its capabilities to treat hair loss would surely make it bearable for any person for few minutes. Onion is a magical kitchen ingredient that stimulates the blood circulation to hair follicles and leads to regeneration of it. Onion juice is very helpful in treating scalp infection that leads to hair loss with its anti-bacterial properties. To use onion juice to stop hair fall, grate one onion and extract its juice in a container. Now, directly apply fresh onion juice over the scalp evenly and let it work for half an hour. At the end, shampoo hair once with a mild shampoo. The slight smell of onion will go off gradually in few hours.
The secret of preventing hair loss is wide open in the home remedies. And the best part is it’s safest of all ways to stop hair fall. So, stop grieving about hair loss problem and start following any of these home remedies to stop hair fall.

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