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Hair Care Tips and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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Hair Care Tips and Hairstyles for Thick Hair
If getting thick hair is tough, maintaining thick hair is even tougher. We have all envied that one girl in school with the thickest plait but talking to her revealed that it’s tough to deal with thick hair. So what can you do if you have thick hair? Keep your thick hair soft and silky and they will be much easier to manage. My beauty naturally has homemade remedies and natural hair care tips to help you out!
  • Apply a mild shampoo which doesn’t deprive your hair of its natural essence and oils.
  • Use a conditioner post hair wash so as to hydrate your hair.
  • Use a hair dryer instead of heating iron and that too at a low temperature setting. If your hair is wet, don’t blow-dry completely. Let it stay a little damp so that hair follicles can be sealed with water.
  • Here’s a natural hair care tip for your locks: Apply hair masks occasionally. You can easily prepare them using ingredients from your kitchen. Read our article on hair masks for frizzy hair to know more.
  • Next, a homemade remedy with vinegar: Mix white vinegar and warm water and put it on to your hair in the night, wrapping it in aluminium foil and a scarf. In the morning, wash it with a shampoo and conditioner. Do this for the next 3 weeks, and hair will be as shiny as ever.
  • Just massage Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil with Hibiscus in your scalp and leave overnight, allowing it to go deep down. This natural hair care tip will nourish your hair from the roots. Wash thoroughly the next morning and see how your hair is full of life. Use this method thrice a week to treat your hair from all problems. Regular use of this oil will make your hair strong, thick, free of split ends and long.
  • Apply coconut oil after heating it in a water bath every week to achieve thick and long black hair. Try to not microwave it as it lowers the nutritional value of coconut oil.
  • Heat a mixture of coconut oil with dried curry leaves, neem leaves and hibiscus flowers in a water bath. Allow it to cool down to room temperature, and then apply on the scalp by using a cotton ball. Give it a light massage and leave in overnight. Wash off the next morning using a mild shampoo. This homemade remedy will make your hair wonderfully shiny and soft.

Hairstyles for thick hair

Thick hair looks great when open but styling it can be quite a task even with heating devices. Give it life and style your hair naturally with these hacks
  • Fishtail braid for long thick hair

    Give a makeover to your regular braid with this evergreen hairstyle for long hair. A fishtail braid looks neat, royal and elegant. While a regular braid has three hair divisions, the fishtail requires that the hair be divided into several strands. The fishtail is easy to execute great for both the day and night.
  • Wavy hair look for thick hair

    Wash your hair and let it dry until it is slightly damp. Untangle them and secure using a rubber band. Twist your hair and put it up in a messy bun. Wait for your hair to dry completely and then slowly take off the hair tie and style as required. The more hair ties and the more buns you make, the tighter your curls will be.
  • Natural hair curls

    Love those curls but hate those heating devices? No problem! You can still get those curls. Cut an old tee into long strips and wrap sections of your half-dried hair into them by placing the end of each section on the centre of the strip and rolling up. Once you’re done, just tie the ends of the strip together and move to the next section. When you are done, keep it for as long as you wish and unfold curly hair. Tada!
Also find other hair care tips for healthy hair and do let us know if these hair care tips for thick hair worked for you.

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