How To Do A Hot Oil Hair SPA Session At Home

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How To Do A Hot Oil Hair SPA Session At Home
You so want to go for a hair spa, but your budget and time constraints stop you! How about giving yourself a hair spa session at home on a lazy Sunday and reap the spa-like benefits without spending much? Sounds good, right!

Hot oil hair spa treatment is a tried and tested remedy for hair fall, that you can do at the convenience of your home without shelling out an extra penny. Check how to do hair spa at home with the following products:

  1. Oil as per the hair type or problem
  2. A towel
  3. Half a bucket of hot water
  4. A couple of scented candles

 To start with, you need to light the scented candles in your room, dim the light to make a relaxing atmosphere then go ahead and warm your oil. Massage that on your scalp putting gentle pressure using your fingertips. The massaging time is up to you, though it’s recommended that 30 minutes should be enough. Now, dunk in your towel into that bucket of hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap it over your head like a turban and just relax, let the steam open up your scalp pores for better oil absorption. After 15 minutes, take off the towel and again put it in the water, squeeze, wrap around your head and relax for another 15 minutes. Do this same step at least 3-4 times. After which you need to go for a hair wash. Use of natural shampoos loaded with herbals ingredients like Dabur Vatika range of shampoos, can further boost your hot oil hair session benefits. And your hair spa treatment session is done!

The hair massage gives you:

  • Soft silky smooth hair
  • Fewer tangles
  • Strengthened hair roots
  • Bouncy and voluminous hair
Now that you know how to do hot oil hair spa at home, you need to choose the oils as per the hair problem that you want to get rid of. Check out our hair care tips on which oil you need to choose:

 Hair fall - So, you are struggling hard to combat hair fall, but without any success. Don’t worry! A hot oil session using Olive oil can be your best remedy to prevent the hair fall. Use Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil that is packed with herbal ingredients like olive oil, almond proteins and aloe vera that are bound to stop your hair fall by strengthening the roots and nourishing them.

Dry hair - Almond oil can be the best cure if dry hair is your problem, though dryness can be a common issue especially in winters. Leave your worries to an oil like Dabur Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil that is a sure shot choice for all your hair woes. Hot oil hair treatment done with almond oil guarantees super lustrous softer hair.

Limp hair – If your limp hair has been giving you sleepless nights lately, go for coconut oil treatment with a pure and natural oil like Dabur Vatika coconut hair oil, enriched with other herbs too that take care of your hair care problems resulting in thicker and voluminous hair. Bid adieu to lifeless and dull hair days!

Hair Spa treatments can do wonders for your hair. If you have been missing out on that, think again, grab those precious hot oils and get enviable hair!

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