Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair

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Dry Hair Care Tips
Dreaming of smooth, soft and silky tresses? Picturing yourself in the shoes of those pretty divas who brag about their ‘strong and long hair’ and flash their million dollar smile on TV every day Believe us, you can look just as dazzling! It is not impossible to put brittle hair woes behind you. Just follow some of these useful home remedies for hair that we are just about to divulge.
  • Drink adequate water during winters

    Anything that lacks moisture soon becomes lifeless. Same goes for our hair. Less consumption of water, especially during winters, can make hair dry, dull and more prone to breakage. Drink up to 8 glasses of water in a day and watch it do wonders for your skin and hair!
  • Egg yolk to condition your hair during winters

    Use egg yolk for conditioning and egg white for glossing up your hair. Your locks will feel brilliant and nourished immediately after you rinse it.
  • Opt for hot oil massage during winters

    Nourish your brittle tresses with good massage of Amla Oil. This is the most effective and age old method for repairing dry and damaged hair. Dabur Amla Hair Oil made with vegetable oils and Amla extracts, contain the required constituents to liven-up your hair and give them a thicker, blacker and stronger look. This is one of the most effective remedies for hair fall.
  • Curd as dry hair remedy

    Apply a bowl of curd to your dull and brittle hair. Its magnificent effect not only binds split and broken hair but also makes it glossy!
  • Garlic onion and ginger as dry hair remedy

    Call garlic, onions and ginger sitting pretty in your grocery shelf, for rescue, the next time you get cornered by dull and brittle hair! Just grind them and apply their liquid to revitalize the lost strength of your mane. Hair fall home remedies such as this are sure to work wonders!
  • Nuts for ultimate hair strength

    Your scalp needs the ultimate strength and vitality that only a handful of nuts can provide. Munch on them, on the go, and enjoy both their taste as well as their added goodness.
Remember to follow the above for a dazzling mane. However, if you wish to discover a sure shot way to lustrous hair and radiant skin, remember to meditate and live a stress-free life!
Read about homemade remedies for dry hair & hair treatment at home.

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