10 Simple Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

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10 Simple Home Remedies for Damaged Hair
Frizzy, dull and damaged hair is common hair problems in present era. Every second girl is suffering from the damaged hair problem these days. And yes, they are spending a lot to get rid of this problem of damaged hair. Alas! Majority of people are finding the same failure and results in using the commercial hair care products. If so, then why not give a try to some natural hair care tips. Its Important know how to take care of damaged hair and natural healing approach is always the best option to cure any problem. There is no harm in saying that natural ingredients and process will never harm the human body in anyway. So, the major risk of thinking too much upon adopting any product is eliminated at one shot in taking the natural remedies.[Read: 11 Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair ]

We all know that for healthy body, healthy hair or to keep anything thing healthy, care is needed at first priority. No other thing or measure could replace the magic of timely and proper care in any case. Any problem or disease cannot touch your body if you give it proper care and attention. Similarly, if one knows home remedies for damaged hair then there would be no problem at all. So, start paying attention and a little time to your hair before it gets too late to recover the damage. The major problem occurring in hair damage is hair loss. Hair loss becomes great worry for people and takes away their sleep. Don’t let you sleep spoilt with the annoying worry of hair damage. Search for some natural tips for hair and start following them now. And if you are specifically worried about the damaged hair condition, know the reason behind that condition first. Here is the list of some major reasons that leads to damage hair condition:

  • Hair coloring: Aha! Those highlights look awesome in the hair. Wait a second, does they look really amazing even if it is damaging the hair. Yes, the hair coloring and highlighting damages the hair immensely as the commercial hair coloring products have the blend of various chemicals that tends to change the hair properties and makes them weak ultimately. So, think twice before you make your mind to get hair colored.
  • Hair Bleaching: Penetrating hair cuticles with chemicals sounds good or bad? Ask this question to yourself before taking hair bleaching. Hair bleaching changes the whole structure of hair with chemicals making it weaker and prone to hair damage. Generally, the end results of hair bleaching are dull and dry hairs, split ends and hair breakage.
  • Hair straightening: How cruel it is straight the natural composition and structure of hair with extreme heat iron machines and rods. Exposure of hair to extreme heat condition leads to weakening and thinning of hair. And obviously the thin and weak hair will be exposed to more damages then healthy and strong hair. Hence, avoid hair straightening and other heating processes to hair.
  • Excessive brushing: Combing hair twice or thrice a day is a good practice and habit. But don’t make it over. Excessive or over brushing of hair damages the hair from roots itself and causes hair fall, breakage and damaged hairs. So, better start combing the hair properly and moderately in a day.

  • Excessive use of commercial products: If any styling or other hair treatments process harms the hair then the excessive use of commercial hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, serums etc. also harms hair at large extent. Excessive washing of hair with shampoo and other chemical products leads to great hair damage. Hence, keep a limit on the hair washing and various products usage on hairs.
After identifying the major reasons that could damage the hair adversely, let’s explore some home remedies for damaged hair. Let’s discover the various ways and ingredients that can help in healing and improving the damaged hair:  
  1. Buttery Massage: Yes, it might sound weird but massaging hair with our very own butter is a great way to show care for damaged hair. As we all know butter is smooth in texture and is a dairy product, it will surely help in bringing back the shine of damaged hair. Massage some butter into dry hair and leave it on for half an hour covering it with a shower cap. Now, simply wash off all the butter from hair with a mild shampoo. Doing this once or twice in a week is a great workout for damaged hair.
  2. Avocado Repair: The Richie rich avocado is full of vitamins, minerals and necessary fatty acids for hair repair and growth. Using a mashed ripe avocado blended with one egg is counted amongst the best natural beauty tips for hair that are damaged and dull. Applying this mixture for half an hour and rinsing off with twice or thrice will repair the damaged hair. If your hair are damaged badly then do this practice once in a week for few months.
  3. Easy Tea Rinsing: Little efforts could do great wonders in the world. Similarly, little efforts for hair will make the hair shine. Simply rinse the hair with freshly brewed tea water free from sugar after doing the regular shampoo or head wash. Tea plays an important role in enhancing the color of hair, so use different kind of tea water as per the hair color or need. For instance, blondes can use black tea for darker tone of hair.
  4. Olive Oil Conditioning: Conditioning the damaged hair at regular intervals is very important. No one else can do the job of conditioning better than warm olive oil massage. Gently rubbing the warm olive oil in the long tresses from root to tips will condition them deeply and repair the damaged hair gradually. Try using this massaging practice once in a week to improve the condition of damaged hair.
  5. Fix up with Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is popular for giving life to damaged and dull hair and if you are the one suffering from this hair problem then use the apple cider vinegar mixture. In the mixture, use 3 egg whites, 2 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture over hair and let it work on hair for half an hour then wash off the mixture with mild shampoo.
  6. Using Botanical Oils: Oils have always been the synonym to hair since ancient times. And if it’s about botanical oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil then it will surely do some benefit to damaged hair. Putting on little amount of any botanical oil such as Dabur Almond hair oil on damp hair covered with warm towel for half an hour will work as a nourishment as well as conditioning process. So, don’t forget to get in tune with this amazing oiling practice to pamper the damaged hair.
  7. Frothy Egg Shampoo: The oldest and most popular ingredient of hair care is egg. In spite of using the harsh chemical shampoo or any other commercial product to wash the hair, use the egg shampoo prepared at home. To prepare the egg shampoo, mix one beaten egg in little amount of any shampoo and apply all over the head. Keep the mixture for few minutes and then rinse off well with water. Washing hair with egg shampoo once or twice in a week will repair the damaged hair naturally.
  8. Smoothening Sandalwood oil: Get ready to pamper the damaged hair with the popular beauty ingredient called sandalwood oil. Take few drops of sandalwood oil mixed equally with other essential oil like jojoba or olive oil and apply it easy hands over the hair. Using the sandalwood smoothening remedy will bring instant changes in the damaged hair. Also, the sandalwood oil will help in conditioning the brittle and frizzy hair.
  9. Dearest Honey Repair: The sweet honey is here to lock down the moisture and softness in the hair. Start repairing the damaged hair with honey mixture to see effective results. Take ¼ cup of raw or organic honey and mix water in it to make it thin enough. Apply the mixture over damp hair and let it react for half an hour. Now, wash the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water twice or thrice to get over stickiness. Repeating this treatment at least twice in a week will help in enhancing the condition of damaged hair.
  10. White Vinegar Wash: Everyone knows that repairing damaged hair is not an easy job. But the white vinegar can make this job easy by cleansing the residue build-up on scalp blocking the cuticles. White vinegar is helpful in restoring the normal pH level of the scalp and repairing damaged hair. Prepare the white vinegar wash by mixing one cup of white vinegar in three cups of water. Rinse the hair with the distilled white vinegar solution after head wash as a conditioner. Keep on the solution for 5-10 minutes over hair and then gently wash it with lukewarm water. Let the hair dry naturally to obtain effective results. Follow this routine once or twice in a week to take care of damaged hair properly.
Prevention is better than cure. Hence, it’s always better to look after hair before it gets damaged to large extent. Natural ways and process makes changes to the hair and body slowly and naturally. So, it’s obvious that it will take some more time than any chemical product in showing the desired result. Thus, one has to be really patient and dedicated in deriving the desired results from natural hair care tips.

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