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How To Remove Tan

How To Remove Tan

Over exposure to sun can leave you tanned and sun damage thereby your skin’s natural fairness and glow diminishes. Tanning is really common in summers especially when you neglect an utmost important step of applying sunscreens. Sunscreen will not only prevent your skin from sun tanning but UV rays as well that can lead to premature aging, that’s why we always say never step out without the sunscreen and for your skin tanning do read our skin care tips to get rid of tan from your face, body and get your natural fairness back.

To remove the body tan, make sure that you apply curd on your entire body or wherever you have been tanned and let the enzymes work their way to minimize the tan. You can keep it for an hour, take a shower and feel the glowing, smoother skin. We are sure within few days, this remedy will definitely take away your tan. You can also try this for your face. Curd is good for your face.

To get rid of the tan on your face and to make the complexion brighter and lighter you can try this quick easy tip here. Take a potato and slice it, rub the slices on your face and keep it over night. Nothing can beat potatoes when it comes to removing darkness whether it is tan or dark circles under your eyes. It literally takes care of all those problems. Within two weeks you can notice significant difference.

Let us share another fairness tip/recipe with you. You can mix honey and lime juice in equal quantity, apply this on your face, leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse off with plain water. Honey will make sure that your skin glows and becomes baby smooth while lime juice will lighten the skin, making your skin fairer.

Other than that to get away with the tan and to make your skin lighter, you can use a herbal bleach cream that should suit even the sensitive skin like Fem Naturals Fairness Bleach. You will need to mix the cream base with the activator that comes with the bleach, mix it thoroughly and apply the mixture for 15 minutes if you are fair or just for 10 minutes if you have a medium complexion. Let the bleach cream work and lighten your facial hair. Remove the bleach cream from the face and instantly you can see your skin glowing, facial hair becomes invisible, hence skin look lighter.

Lastly, you can also try fruit facial to make skin fair and fade the tan. For body, you can use body scrubs every other day to exfoliate but don’t forget to use that sunscreen generously!

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