Skin Cleansing Tips

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Skin Cleansing Tips
You just cleansed your face and feel that your skin is squeaky clean. But wait!!! Is it just clean or have you over cleansed your skin? Excess of anything is bad, and the same goes for your skin as well. Have you been observing lately that your skin is getting dry, tight and red. If you do, then it’s quite obvious that you are committing the sin of over cleansing your skin. Let us tell you about it in detail to make the picture clear:
  • Dry patches: These are the rough dry spots on the skin and it doesn’t matter how much moisturizers you slather on, they will take their own sweet time to heal and get back to normal.
  • Tightness: If your skin feels tight and taut, that means you have definitely robed your skin off its natural oils, maybe through too much cleansing or by using a product that’s not suited for your skin type!
  • Acne: Now, this can be an indirect result of your habit of over cleansing. When your skin’s natural oils are stripped off or there is a change in pH balance, it can result in acne. And acne is always bad news!
  • Rashes: These can easily be spotted as reddish marks on the skin that says their own story of skin abuse.

So what exactly do we mean by over cleansing?
Well, while you cleanse your skin, your motive is to get rid of any dirt, makeup traces or excess oils but you are supposes to do that without disturbing the normal pH balance or stripping the natural oils. Simple! Not all oils are comedogenic; in fact, they lubricate your skin and make a barrier against the external harsh environment. Let us give you a couple of skin care tips that can spare you from any of the above mentioned signs and skin problems!

First of all, you need to understand your skin requirements. If it happens to be oily then try foaming and gel face washes, whereas creamy and hydrating face washes are best for normal to dry skin. Make sure you massage the cleanser on your face for not more than 30-40 seconds, thereafter, make it a habit to use a good light moisturizer like Dabur Gulabari moisturizing lotion, to further replenish the moisture, resulting in a skin that is radiant and healthy. This can be your reliable answer on how to get glowing skin especially for dry skin as it needs a lot more hydration. On the other hand, people with oily skin, tend to rub their cleansers to chuck out the minutest trace of oils but remember, like we said, it can lead to taut skin. So, to make your skin lively without looking oily, you can always opt for naturally made rose water like Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. With natural rose extracts, it will not only cleanse your skin, it also gives you that dewy skin and glows minus the much-dreaded stickiness.

Lastly, be gentle with your face and avoid using products with loads of chemicals. You will be blessed with skin you’ve always dreamt of!

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