Skin Care Myths For Dry Skin

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Skin Care Myths For Dry Skin
A majority of skin care tips and home remedies come with a lot of hype associated. We read about it and we hear about it, but which of these are myths and which are facts? How many of these are really good for your skin? Let’s find out what works and doesn’t work for dry skin types. Got oily skin? We have something that might interest you – check out these 7 mythswe debunked about your skin type.
  • Drinking Water Can Cure Dry Skin.
    Got dry skin? We bet you constantly get advised about drinking more water. Drinking water is good for you, your body and your skin. (Read more about benefits of water for skin ) But the fact remains that tackling dry skin is not as simple as that. Studies have shown that the water content of dry skin isn’t very different from that in normal or oily skin types. The thing is dry skin is not caused by a lack of water, so simply drinking enough water will not solve it! To prevent dry skin, the key natural skin care tip is to reduce anything that damages the outer layer of skin. That includes sun damage, products with harsh ingredients, alcohol, drying cleansers, smoking, and excessive time in spent in water.
  • Dry Skin Causes Wrinkles.
    Just like we hear oily skin isn’t prone to ageing, the reverse doesn’t really hold true for dry skin. What happens is that fine lines and wrinkles happen due to numerous causes – from sun damage to facial expressions like smiling and frowning and habits like smoking, drinking (the result being dehydration). Your skin type doesn’t cause ageing! The natural skin care tip to follow here is to moisturise! The importance of moisturising cannot be underrated. Because the more dehydrated your skin is, the more wrinkled it appears. The other problem is that as you age, your skin tends to secrete lesser natural oils; hence the wrinkling is more apparent. So slather large amounts of Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Lotion to smooth away fine lines.
  • Dry Skin Needs Extra Moisturising.
    If you have dry skin, you tend to think that you need an extra-large bottle of moisturiser. Well, hydration is important, but the type of moisturiser you pick is also critical. Water-based moisturising doesn’t penetrate through all the protective layers of the skin, so pick an oil-based cream. And there is a thing called over-moisturising, so read more about the evils, here.
  • Can Hot Showers Cause Dry Skin?
    Yes, that sounds like a trick question, but don’t be fooled. That’s in fact, a fact! Though a lot of people think it sounds bizarre, hot showers can actually dry out your skin. Let’s find out why. Firstly, water in a high temperature tends to scald your skin, so make sure you set the right temperature while showering. Our second skin care tip is to keep the showers short (10 minutes max) since that tends to dry out your skin. Hot long showers lead to flakiness and then causes itchiness. We also recommend you use a gentle body cleanser or natural soap with moisturizing agents built in it. Also, after you pat yourself dry make sure you immediately follow it up with a generous dose of Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Lotion. The longer the gap is between the shower and moisturising, the more moisture will escape from your skin.
  • If in spite of following these natural skin care tips, you notice that your dry skin is worsening, you might want to visit a dermatologist.

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