Say Goodbye To Dry Skin With Winter Skin Care Tips

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Say Goodbye To Dry Skin With Winter Skin Care Tips
Things get rough and dry for skin whenever winter knocks the door. Everyone is very much aware with the nature and work of winter. It takes away all the moisture from our skin and makes the skin prone to all kind of potential damage. It is very much important for everyone to be familiar with some winter skin care tips to keep the skin hydrated and lively in winter.The common complaint of many individuals in winter is itchy and dry skin. The main reason behind the dry and itchy skin is the whipping cold winds. Off course, escaping the cold winds is possible with putting on layers of cloth like cozy inners, jacket, gloves etc. But alas! The most beautiful part of the body i.e., the face remains exposed and uncovered throughout the year. The facial skin faces the all the force and slaps of cold winds and damaging elements in the environment. The only way to protect facial skin from heavy damage in winter is to pamper the skin a bit.

Yes, the winter is cozy-lazy season and every small task seems too big and difficult, but to keep the skin gorgeous, lively and healthy needs some skin care practice at least once in a week. There are some signs and symptoms of discomfort of skin in winters. Some of them are cracked, inflamed, flaky and irritated skin in winters. All such signs are quiet normal and obvious in winters. But if the discomfort stretches to a great extent then consulting a skin specialist is a wise move. To fight every problem, everyone makes a particular strategy or plan. Similarly, for fighting the damaging nature of winter, some basic strategy or plan of action should be followed in winter. Some basic moves in the strategy that should be kept in mind are:

  • Hot water bath might give a relaxing and soothing experience in cold winters. But at the same time, long time exposure to hot water snatches away the moisture of skin. Hence, stickingto lukewarm water bath of ten minutes is safe as well as relaxing idea.
  • Extreme exposure to any kind temperature whether hot or cold can damage the skin. Hence, dress according to the weather; cover the skin with appropriate cloth like scarf, hat, and summer coat in summer to protect the skin from excess sun exposure. Similarly in winters put on gloves, jacket, overcoats and clothes that cover the maximum skin portion.
  • Drinking plenty of water is always a good practice. Skin needs moisture and requires hydration, which nobody other thing in world could do better than water. Individuals who drink appropriate amount of water throughout the day could easily maintain glow and radiance in their skin. The minimum intake of water suggested by studies and research is 8 glass of water in a day.
  • Adding up some healthy foods rich in Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats such as citrus fruits, green veggies, fish oil, flax, olive oil, avocados, sardines and many more is great idea. So, don’t miss out the add skin essentials ingredients to the cart while shopping in market. Specifically, flax seeds for skin works wonders!
Beyond the basic strategy to deal with winters, there are some common skin problems or winter woes that trouble skin too much. Some of the winter woes and their solution are as follows:

  • Dry skin: Facing a different white layer of dry skin is a very common skin issue in winter. And to deal with that the best way is to put few drops of olive oil in bathwater or apply genuine coconut oil such Vatika Coconut oil over whole body after taking a shower. The oil helps in keeping the body skin moisturized and prevents it from drying quickly and easily. So, the one easy way to avoid dry skin in winter is our very own essential oil.
  • Dry Face: Being exposed all the time, the facial skin dries up easily and loses its natural glow and moisture in winter. The facial skin requires more attention and care in winter season. The very basic and important thing to remember in winter about skin is avoid every beauty face product that consist alcohol in its processing. Also, try and use a thick moisturizer for skin that could stay over skin for long duration and keep it moist for long time. And to go by nature power, do face wash with Greek yogurt once in a week, as the lactic acid in yogurt is a gentle non-abrasive exfoliator of skin.
  • Scaly Elbows: High-pressure joint like elbows, knees and heel have thicker skin to protect and act as a cushion to the bones under it. But maintaining the thick skin becomes more difficult and also doesn’t look if left untouched. So, to keep the skin healthy and moist at high-pressure joints, exfoliate and moisturize the skin with natural ingredients. To do so take half piece of lemon and sprinkle pinch of salt or sugar over it and rub it gently over the elbows rough skin.
  • Red Nose: Getting freeze in the chilly winds and coming home with a red nose is a usual practice. The reason why the nose turns red in cold weather outside is the blood circulation slows down in the nose making it look red. To quickly get rid of it after reaching home or in a cozy place is to apply some moisturizing lotion over nose and gently rub the skin to make good blood circulation.
So, it is very clear and evident that small efforts and care of skin in winter can lessen the struggle of skin in winter. And if someone is really damn serious about their skin and beauty then there are some special winter skin care tips that could help in keeping the skin flawless in harsh winters. Some of the easy pick from hundreds of winter skin care tips are as follows:
  1. Say ‘No’ to hot baths: Hot baths sound great and relaxing in winter but the same hot bath is very damaging for skin. In reality, the hot water has great potential to break down the lipid barriers of skin resulting in loss of moisture. As the end result, the skin becomes more dry and itchy with hot water baths and showers. So, if you want to relax in chilling water, take a lukewarm water shower or bath and say a big ‘NO’ to hot baths.
  2. Do regular exfoliation: In winter the skin gets dry quickly and the dead cells collection is very usual. Hence, regular exfoliation of skin is very important in winter to keep the skin soft and healthy. Exfoliating skin with natural agents such as oat meal powder or orange rinds will easily get away the rid of dead cells of coarse and dry skin. Exfoliation helps in boosting up the generation of new moist cells in the skin. This way the skin becomes moist and soft and allows deep penetration of any moisturizing agent in the skin.
  3. Increase Moisturizing practice: As the dryness increases, the practice of moisturizing the skin should also be increased in winter. Using natural moisturizing agents that are rich in Vitamin E such as Shea butter, Papaya and many more will keep the skin moisturized all day long. Also, the essential fatty acids in the natural moisturizing agent are good for the overall health of body as well as skin. One could also use Gulabari Moisturising Cream to keep the skin moisturized with goodness of rosewater. So, if you really want to save the skin from effects of winter, increase the moisturizing practice in daily routine.
  4. Drink more water: Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water is a way to good health and skin. Especially in winter, a person feels more thirst due to dryness from inside out. And if someone is suffers from severe dehydration problem then drinking water to their maximum limit is good for them. In winter, skin needs hydration from the body rather than external hydration. So, increasing water intake at least up to 4-5 glass of water from usual water intake in routine life is necessary in winters.
  5. Oil Bath: Well, it might sound weird but don’t go over the name. By oil bath it is meant that adding few drops of jojoba oil or Dabur Almond hair oil in water can help in nourishment of skin to great extent. So, the only thing one has to do is just add few drops of oil in water bucket and experience the difference in skin condition after taking the bath. Now, the oil bath might sound the easiest job for skin care in winter. Even the laziest person in whole world could do this practice without any second thought.
  6.  Oil Bath

  7. Oil Based Moisturizing: The first thing to be kept in mind in winter is not using any alcohol based beauty product. And the second thing one should note is to use oil based moisturizers. One can prepare oil based moisturizing creams or mixtures at home or if someone doesn’t want to put so much of efforts then try buying oil based moisturizing cream or lotion from market. The oil based moisturizing agents or products protect moisture loss from skin. Ideally the oil content in the moisturizing creams or homemade packs should be 80% or above that to keep the skin moist throughout the day.

Oil Based Moisturizing

Practicing any of the above winter skin care tips would surely bring happiness to skin in winter and will keep it away from all the dryness and dullness. So, don’t worry much about the itchy dry skin in winter, just follow some natural ways and see the magic. Learn more on various home remedies for glowing skin in winter.

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