11 Awesome Tips to Get Glowing Skin in Winter

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11 Awesome Tips to Get Glowing Skin in Winter
Winter is a tough season for skin. The skin faces dual attack in winter. The first one is the usual environmental elements attack and the other is the whipping cold winds. The cold winds of winter snatches away all the moisture and glow of skin very quickly. An individual doesn’t even get the time to think and react before the damaging effect of winter. So, folks it is better to stay prepared for the winters with some skin care tips in mind. The very first thing that goes away as the winter knocks the door is glow of skin. And to retain the glow over skin, every individual should get some knowledge about tips for glowing skin in winter.

Various factors made winter season a bad season for skin. Low humidity levels, indoor heating of homes and lack of moisture in air are few factors that make survival of healthy skin very difficult. Considering and thinking about all winter season factors, it’s obvious that every person would get puzzled and wonder how to get glowing skin in winter. But if someone really wants to make something happen, there is nothing which could stop that individual from finding the right way. In the world of skin care, there are different ways to achieve a specific outcome or result. But the wisest, economic and safest way to say goodbye to all skin problems and dryness in winter is natural or home remedies.

Everyone knows that there are hundreds of mainstream beauty products available in market that promises to give glowing skin in winter. And yes, some of them might stand up to their promise but take a note that the glow attained from applying those expensive products won’t last long. And on top of that there would be some sure hidden damage to skin, which an individual might discover after little time. So in short, some commercial might give desired result in short span of time but will surely cause long term damage to the skin. When things are so risky on any such way that could give permanent damage to skin then it is merely stupidity to choose that way. Try and explore some natural ways and preventive measures first that could limit the damage of skin in winters. Some preventive measures that could save the skin from the curse of dryness and dullness in winter are as follows:
  1. Use Lukewarm water:

    Everyone likes hot bath in winter but the hot water steals away the moisture of skin and makes it dry. Hence, make sure to use lukewarm water for bath and showers in winter. Also, the essential amount of oil is also snatched away from skin while using hot water.
  2. Immediately moisturizing the skin:

    The skin requires more moisture in winter, especially whenever someone takes a bath. So, make to seal all the moisture by applying any moisturizing cream or homemade moisturizing pack over damp skin. To be quick in this practice, place the bottle of moisturizer near bathtub, sink or shower area to immediately apply the moisturizer.
  3. Protection of skin:

    The more one protects the skin, the safer and healthier it will be. Wearing gloves, scarves and using sunscreen lotion while moving out in winter sun. The winter sun is equally damaging as summer sun, hence, it is important to give proper protection to skin in winters.
  4. Humidify:

    Majority of people use heating systems in their home in winters. Those heating system takes away all the humidity from air and makes it dry. And ultimately the dry air makes the skin dry. Thus, to avoid such situation, install humidifier at home or try and create cozy environment in room in spite of using heating system. To get rid of dry skin and dead cells in it, one could use Oxy Bleach that helps in removing dead cells and gives lighter skin tone. Using bleach moderately won’t harm the skin in any sense and will give natural glow to skin in few weeks.
  5. Hydrating skin inside out:

    Keeping the skin hydrated inside out in winter is very important. And this could only be done by adding some foods in diet, which have high water content. And yes, not to forget the food that is rich in Zinc and Vitamin C that increase the production of elastin and collagen good for healthy skin. Some foods that have high water content are cucumber, watermelon, orange, kiwi, apple, celery, tomato and many more.
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  7. Overnight moisturizing:

    In winters the skin becomes dry very quickly. So, giving an overnight moisturizing therapy to skin before going to sleep is a great idea. To do so, apply any natural moisturizing agent or any moisturizing cream over areas that go dry quickly such as face, hands, elbows and feet.
  8. The above mentioned measures will surely help in keeping the skin healthy and moist to a great extent but only the preventive measures won’t be enough for healthy glowing skin in winter. The impact of winter season over skin is so strong that one has to follow some natural tips for glowing skin in winter. So, here are some great DIY masks which could be considered as effective tips for glowing skin in winter:

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  9. Papaya Mask:

    Ripe papaya is a gentle exfoliater for skin and removes the dead skin cells to bring glow over face. The major property in papaya that makes is a good natural exfoliater is the beta hydroxyl acid (BHA). Prepare the papaya mask by cutting down ripe papaya into small pieces in a bowl. Now, add one teaspoon of sandalwood powder or fuller earth and one teaspoon of honey. Mix all the ingredients well enough to obtain a smooth paste. The papaya mask is ready to apply over facial skin as well as over neck. Now, let the mask dry and do its job for 15-20 minutes and wash the skin with normal water. Some additional benefits of using papaya mask are firmness in skin and slowing down aging affects over skin.
  10. Egg Mask:

    Egg is the king of home remedies and beauty tips for glowing skin in winter. Egg is a multi tasking ingredient and does the job of providing glow, cleansing, exfoliating and nourishment of skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins; egg is a tough fighter for wrinkles and gives youthful skin. To get ready with egg mask in winter, take one egg and extract its white part in a container and whip it until it looks foamy. Now, add one teaspoon of lemon juice and yogurt in it and mix it well to get a paste. Apply the egg mask over facial skin and keep it on till 15 minutes or until it dries naturally. And to clean the face, use lukewarm water.
  11. Almond Mask:

    Almond is a rich source of fiber and protein and when applied over skin it gives smooth, soft and glowing skin . Almond mask is perfect mask that could tell every individual how to get glowing skin in winter. Almond mask will help in getting rid of dry skin and dead cells of skin and will automatically bring glow to skin. To prepare the almond mask, make powder of some raw dry almonds. Now add one teaspoon of Dabur Gulabari rosewater to the powder. For the sake of reminder, rosewater is a natural toner for skin. After adding rosewater, add two teaspoon of milk and mix properly to obtain smooth paste. Now, apply the almond mask over facial skin and leave it for skin absorption for 15 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water.


  12. Honey and Milk Mask:

    Honey and milk is an old amazing combination to provide glowing skin. As the skin needs more moisture in winter, honey is an appropriate ingredient providing complete moisturizing effect. On the other hand milk is a skin-friendly ingredient carrying proteins, calcium, saturated fat and Vitamin C, which is good for skin. Make honey and milk mask quickly at home by mixing two teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of honey together in a bowl. Now, add one teaspoon of gram flour (Besan) to the mixture and mix it well. The mask is ready to apply over skin and let it work for 20 minutes over the skin. At the end, clean face with lukewarm water.


  13. Vegetable Mask:

    Vegetables are good for health and some specific veggies are good for skin. It is seen that the blood circulation to facial skin slows down in winter, which causes redness over facial skin especially nose. To improve the circulation of blood and cleanse the facial skin, vegetable mask is the right way. Also, the enzymes in vegetable help in cleansing of skin properly and bring a radiant glow over skin. To enjoy the benefit of vegetable mask, finely chop vegetables such as potato, carrot and cabbage and boil them in water for few minutes. Now, strain the water in a separate container, which will be used for washing the face on finishing stage. Now, mash all the boiled veggies in a small bowl and one teaspoon of milk to obtain a paste. Apply the prepared vegetable mask over facial skin for 15 minutes and then wash it off with strained vegetable water and normal water at the end.
  14. Potato Wipes:

    Wondering how to remove tan in winters? Worry not when we have the solution. All you need are potatoes. Potato slices are used to reduce the tan on the body by leaving them on the skin for 5 minutes. Due to their richness in vitamin B and C, potatoes are good natural remedies for tan removal.
There is no rocket science behind maintaining a glowing healthy skin in winter. Some preventions and little care of skin will do all for anyone. And if the skin is showing some discomfort through skin dryness, redness or any other symptom to a severe level then consulting a skin specialist is a wise option. And if there is any skin issue on minor level then it’s pretty normal and could be dealt easily with some winter skin care tips. Click to learn more about home remedies for fair & glowing skin.

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