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6 Homemade Remedies & Beauty Tips for Fair & Glowing Skin

Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair and Glowing Skin
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Who doesn’t want skin that is glowing and flawless? Women all around the world who keep wondering, how to get glowing skin naturally, end up using innumerable skin whitening products to improve their skin tone. Most of these products contain harmful chemical ingredients which can cause serious damage to the skin in the long run. These products cause the skin to loose its natural lustre due to lack of oxygen and blood in the skin. It also gives a dull, tired and lifeless appearance. Causes of dark and dull skin can be exposure to environmental hazards like pollution, dust and harsh ultra violet rays of the sun. But in order to help your skin revitalize and regain its old natural charm, we’ve put together these homemade beauty tips for fair and glowing skin. Here are some amazing skin whitening face masks and tips. Read on!

Gram Flour Face Mask For Fair And Glowing Skin

For this pack, you’ll need the following ingredients:
  • One tablespoon gram flour (Besan)
  • One teaspoon lime juice
  • One teaspoon turmeric
  • Gulabari Rose Water for mixing

Now for the homemade beauty tips for glowing skin - mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Apply on your face. Leave it till dry. Wash with cold water. This homemade face mask can be used on all skin types. This homemade remedy gives very good results for naturally fair and glowing skin. Also leaves the skin smooth and baby soft.

Milk Face Mask For Fair And Glowing Skin

You will need the following ingredients:
  • Milk 3 tbsp.
  • Lemon Juice 1 tbsp.
  • Turmeric (just a pinch)

It’s simple! Make the paste of all the above ingredients. Apply on the face till and allow to dry. Wash with cold water. And pat dry with a soft towel. That’s it! This home remedy is very effective and helps you to get glowing skin naturally.

Banana Face Mask For Fair and Glowing Skin

In order to try this homemade beauty tips for glowing skin, you’ll need the following ingredients:
  • Half a banana mashed
  • One egg white
  • One tablespoon curd

Mash the banana, mix well, add the egg white and curd in it. Apply on face. Wash after fifteen minutes. Banana is best for glowing skin. It gives the effect of a parlour facial. Try it and you don’t have to go to parlour for a glow on your face.

Cucumber And Lime Juice Face Mask for Fair and Glowing Skin

For this mask, all you’ll need is:
  • One tablespoon cucumber juice
  • One teaspoon lime juice
  • One teaspoon turmeric
  • One teaspoon glycerine (for dry skin)

Preparation: Mix all the ingredients and apply on your face. Guess what? This mask can be applied under and around eyes also. Apply with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water. For best results use this face mask daily for a week. Best for oily skin. For dry skin add some glycerine. Experience the perfect skin lightening effect by combining it with lime juice.

Honey Lemon Face Mask For Fair And Glowing Skin Instantly

Now, for this mask, you’ll need the following ingredients:
  • Honey 2 tbsp.
  • Lemon juice 2 tbsp.

Mix both the ingredients and apply on your face for about half an hour. Wash your face with water and find the home remedy for getting fair and glowing skin naturally at home instantly.

Almond Face Mask For Fair And Glowing Skin

To try this mask, you’ll require the following ingredients:
  • 3-4 almonds
  • Milk to soak the almonds

In the morning soak 3 or 4 almonds in the milk. At night mash these almonds in the milk you can use some more milk if needed. Mash it to form a very fine paste. Apply to the face. Leave for whole night to get glowing skin naturally. In the morning wash face with cold water. With this face mask your skin becomes lighter as well as glowing. This homemade remedy for getting fair and glowing skin also leaves your skin smooth and silky. For dry skin, you can use daily. For oily skin use twice in the week. So, go on and try these easy to follow home remedies for fair and glowing skin naturally. Don’t forget to share how these face masks worked for you in our comments section below.

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