How to Get Gorgeous Overnight

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How to Get Gorgeous Overnight
You wake up every morning, presumably late, and in a hurry to get to college or work, probably skipping your regular beauty regime. On the other hand, when you get back home every evening, you are so beat, skin care is the last thing on your mind. But you still want that ever-elusive glow! So what do you do? Here are 7 easy skin care tips and hair care tips that will ensure you make the most of your time and help you wake up with gorgeous glowing skin.
  1. Evening Cleanse
    The biggest problem with following a tedious skin care regime before going to bed is that we are too tired and sleepy. So here’s a skin care tip to follow – start your routine early in the evening. Let’s say you get back home at 7pm, wash up right after. It’s better to do it earlier than never! Remove makeup, sunscreen remains, scrub your face clean and let your facial skin breathe for a while. What’s more, night-time creams work best when applied on squeaky clean skin.
  2. Bedtime Moisturising
    While some people avoid applying heavy creams because they want to allow their skin to breathe at night. Skipping doesn’t help your skin in any way. The skin tip to follow here is that when your skin is scrubbed clean, it absorbs creams really well. So wash your face using Dabur Gulabari Rose Water and follow it up with a moisturiser that’s right for your skin type and season. You can also apply a homemade night cream and wake up to a glowing skin the next mornning.
  3. Eye Cream
    If you are in your late 20s, it’s time you introduced an eye cream to your routine. But remember this important skin care tip - never apply eye cream too close to the lash line, because then your eyelashes pick up the product and transfer it to your eyes, and gradually form a deposit in your eyes, which can in turn lead to eye infections and puffiness. And you don’t want that!
  4. Hand Grease
    Yes, sleep time is the perfect time to slather hand cream, but if you have the habit of touching your face while you sleep you could get what is called hand cream acne. The solution here is to follow this skin care tip – either avoid a very heavy cream or slide on cotton gloves to your hand cream doesn’t brush off on your face.
  5. A 100 Brushes
    Like your skin, your hair goes through a lot during the day – pollution, hair sprays, clinching clips and hair ties, etc. So every night before going to bed, let your hair loose, give it a good brush and tie it up in a loose braid. Sleeping with open hair may not be a great idea if you have dandruff as it brushes with your facial skin and can lead to acne.
  6. Changing Pillowcases
    The importance of a clean pillowcase cannot be underplayed. A lot of the night creams you use brush off on the pillow you sleep and can aggravate acne or dandruff, so make sure you change it frequently. Use a fine silk pillowcase that isn’t harsh on your skin or hair. That’s a key skin care tip and hair care tip for you.
  7. Beauty Sleep
    There is no doubt that getting enough sleep every night can offer many beauty benefits. It regulates your regular body functions. And the lack of it makes your skin look pale and flushed, not to forget red eyes, eye bags, dark circles.
So follow these tips at the end of the day, though it might seem like a chore in the beginning, your skin and hair will thank you later!

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