Bridal Make Up dos and donts You Need to Know

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Bridal Make Up dos and donts You Need to Know
Everything’s all set and ready to roll. The wedding ring is perfect, the dresses and lehenga are on their way. It’s time to think about your wedding make-up. Your D-day is going to be quite a long one and your face would need to look radiant throughout the day. But don’t you worry; with the help from experts you’ll enhance your natural beauty. After all, it’s the one thing which will make you shine out in every picture, every memory. So, just listen up to these bridal make-up dos and don’ts to look flawlessly beautiful on your big day.

  • Remember clear skin is the symbol of natural beauty. Good skin = lesser reliance on makeup. So make sure you follow a healthy skin regime.
  • Take time to try a few different makeup artists and choose one who understands your personal tastes.
  • Have your make-up trial at least three weeks before your wedding.
  • Look up for reference make-up images that you really like and bring them with you for the trial. Identify what you like about the make-up and always take into account your skin tone and type.
  • Take a few photos after the trial to figure if something’s lacking and how you can improve it.
  • Prevent makeup meltdowns by using smudge-proof or waterproof products.
  • Make sure you use complementary makeup colours. Think of your blush and lip colour as an outfit for your face.
  • Highlight your natural radiance with more natural, lighter and "cleaner" colours. These flattering shades will not look washed out and the contrast will not be too great with your dress.
  • Always aim to be completely ready 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. This will help you relax and manage any last minute changes better.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your individual taste, style, and desired look with the stylist during the consultation.
  • Avoid last minute make-up surprises. Your wedding day is not about trying out something extreme and wacky. Stick to a look that amps up your natural beauty.
  • All that is glitter is not gold. Go easy on the shimmer highlights or light-refractive makeup. Shimmer can emit an unflattering and highly reflective shine which doesn’t look good in photographs.
  • Don’t get any chemical processes done 2 weeks close to your wedding - that goes for face, body and hair. Make sure to leave enough time to manage anything in case it doesn’t work out as you wished.
  • Stay away from excessive eye make-up. You wouldn’t want to look too dramatic on your big day.
  • Avoid experimenting with products that you’ve never tried before. You'd be risking allergy, colour, and comfort issues on your wedding day.
  • Don’t worry if the make-up seems caked up. You need those extra touches to look your best in the photographs. Besides, no-one is going to be studying your face up close; it's all about the overall look.
  • Forget to plan out the time for your wedding day makeup. Time passes too swiftly on a wedding. So make sure to leave plenty of time for your makeup by planning it out with your make-up artist.
Say ‘I do’ to these tips and look be the focus of everyone’s attention on your special day. To enhance your wedding glow even more read What’s Your Pre-Wedding Diet Plan.

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