Best ways to protect your skin from pollution

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Best ways to protect your skin from pollution
Everyone knows that staying in home every time is next to impossible. Yes, one could limit going out but it will always sound impossible to stay in home. Every person has to go out of home for some work. Facing pollution and other harmful things in environment is a daily thing. The first thing that strikes in mind after listening about pollution is harm or danger. The first thing in human body which faces pollution is skin. Skin faces all the dust, harmful particles and many other things in environment from immediate effect after moving out of home. And to take actions to protect skin from pollution is the very first thing one should do before moving out in sun.

Pollution is of different kinds and the most harmful for skin is air pollution. Pollution in air carries airborne toxins that could harm skin adversely and lead to problems such as premature ageing of skin, rough patches, blemishes, acne, dullness, dryness and many more. Free radicals in air are formed by dust, smog and other particles in air coming in contact with ultra violet rays of sun. The free radicals tend to decrease oxygen in skin cells and disturb the collagen production of skin. As an end result, a person starts suffering from skin issues such as premature ageing of skin, acne, grey appearance of skin, skin allergies and many more. Long-term exposure to free radicals even worsens the case and leads to serious skin issues and damage to blood vessels. Hence, it is important for an individual to look for the best ways to protect skin from pollution.

The first thing which is required the most and is very important to win the race against pollution damage is to keep the skin clean. Facing so many bad and rough things on daily basis, skin needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Daily cleansing alone reduces so much pressure from skin by wiping out the dirt, pollutants over skin and cleaning the clogged pores of skin. Half job is done if a person cleans their face with some good cleanser on regular basis. And mind you! Soap based products are not good cleansers. It is not that there are no good products in market to cleanse to skin and fresh appearance. One good example of such product is OxyLife Creme Bleach.

Different types of skin require different type of cleanser. For example, dry skin should be treated with creamy cleanser. And sensitive skin should be kept away from alcohol based cleanser or products. This clearly justifies that products should be used with great caution for skin. Hence, recognizing the right product or by following some smart moves to avoid damage from pollution is necessary. But before moving to the best ways to protect your skin from pollution, studying pollution in depth is important.

Many people have a general conception that only visible pollution smoke or dirt is actual participants of pollution. This is right but only to some extent. There are many other factors and things that are active participants in pollution and causes damage to skin. In the category of indoor pollutants, there is pet dander, soot from fireplace and wood stoves, dust miles, secondhand smoke, mold, air fresheners, chemical sprays, carbon monoxide and many more. And in the category of outdoor pollutants, there is smog, ozone, nitrous oxide, vehicle exhaust, dirt, dust, and toxic metals like lead, mercury, ammonia and many more.

More than indoor pollutants, outdoor pollutants are more harmful and detrimental. Reason behind more danger from outdoor pollutants is high free radicals content in it which increases oxidation in skin. As there is always a key to a lock, similarly there is always a solution to every problem. So, here are some ways that could be considered as the best ways to protect your skin from pollution:

  • Staying Hydrated: Water is very essential for body as well as skin. Whenever someone moves out of home, sweating and perspiration is very natural. Water helps in restoring whatever lost in the heat and also keep the skin hydrated. The more one drinks water, the more hydrated and moisturized their skin will be. Also, water easily removes toxins within body and helps in absorption of required nutrients by skin cells. So, drink as much as you can and avoid the dehydrating effect of pollution.
  • Increase antioxidants treat for skin: One thing that fights with free radicals very easily is antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to benefit in many ways and it is helpful in maintaining the upper layer of skin healthy. It is even used in many skin care products. The most beneficial antioxidants for skin are Vitamin E and C. Both the vitamins help in encountering the pollutants effect quickly. Antioxidants are available in various vegetables, fruits, oil and sea food too. Some example of fruits rich in antioxidants are spinach, broccoli, mustard oil, apple, orange, whole grain and different citrus fruits. Mustard oil promotes healthy and glowing skin. You can try using mustard oil for face and notice significant results in your skin in few days. So, start doubling the antioxidant treats for skin to fight back pollution effects strongly.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 for protection of skin: Omega-3 is essential fatty acids that works hard in forming cell membranes of lipid base, which carries essential nutrients and water to skin. Together the lipid based cell membranes form an oil shield over skin, which protects it from various harmful pollutants and ultra violet rays of sun. Omega-6 is also another breed of fatty acids which is good for skin. It is easier to find omega-6 food items instead of omega-3 ones. Omega-6 is available in food such as cooking oils, eggs, meat, chicken, seeds and grain. On the other hand, omega-3 fatty acids are found in kidney beans, spinach, tout, salmon oysters and walnuts.
  • Scrubbing: Scrubbing or exfoliation of skin is very important to scratch down the harmful pollutants and dirt particles from skin. Exfoliation of skin on frequent basis will clean out the clogged pores, remove dead skin cells, remove out dirt and dust particles from skin layer. One could use natural exfoliating agents or any exfoliating product available in market. This will help in maintaining cleanliness and pH balance of skin to normal scale. Hence, exfoliating skin on regular basis is an effective way to protect skin from pollution.
  • Using moisturizer regularly: For fighting with pollution, it is important that skin stays fit and healthy. Meeting all necessary needs of skin such as moisturizing, conditioning and cleansing is very important. The biggest advantage of moisturizing skin regularly is that it provides satisfactory antioxidant support to skin. And above that using any good moisturizer on regular basis over skin will work as a barrier layer between pollutants and your skin. One good option in skin moisturizer category available in market is Gulabari Moisturising Lotion, which protects skin from effects of sun and give natural glowing skin.
  • Use sunscreen lotion or cream: Moving out in sun is like taking up the fight against the power of sun. And to be prepared for the fight, it is better to use some shield or safe guard. Sunscreen lotion or cream is one such shield, which will protect skin from harmful rays of sun and free radicals present in polluting environment. Over exposure of skin to sun could lead to dangerous skin issues as well as health issues such as cancer, premature aging of skin, skin redness, skin allergies, skin darkness and many more.
  • Covering up skin: Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, protection against sun and pollution is better than repairing of skin. When one knows that it is a long day for them and they would in sun then going out after covering up skin is a smart move. One could cover skin using scarf, caps, full sleeve clothes or in any other physical way one finds suitable. Covering skin in such manner will avoid the skin from direct contact with sun rays and other pollutants which will protect skin from great potential damage.
  • Avoiding rush hour: Usually, a large number of audience moving out of home for work leaves at usual office hour timing. And same goes for leaving for work too. To protect skin from a huge box of pollution, it is better to avoid rush hour and areas of huge rush. One good trick to avoid rush hour is to leave from home little early for work and leave a little early or little late from usual office hours to avoid heavy traffic and pollution. So, the easy way to stay protected from pollution is to avoid as much as you can.
There is no denial to the fact that one cannot avoid pollution. But off course, there are ways through which one could reduce the damage of pollution and almost escape the harmful effects of pollution. Putting in extra efforts to protect skin from pollution has become mandatory with the increasing pollution day by day. So, don’t get scared of dark and dirty pollution, give a tough fight to it with these some easy ways of protection against pollution.

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