Banish Your Blemishes

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Banish Your Blemishes
Spotted a blemish? Rushing for cover? Wait! Try out these natural skin care tips first. We bet they will work before you even think of a good place to hide!
For a natural skin care solution, we suggest that you start with raiding your kitchen. Yes, you read right. We’ll give you a few beauty tips to get you started:
- Before those nasty spots leave behind ugly marks and ruin your pretty face, pick the king of fruits to come to your rescue! Exfoliate your skin with mango peels and bring forth a lovely, dewy, spotless complexion. This is only one of the many excellent beauty tips for your face, read on for more.
- Remember how the elders always insist that pulses are good for us? So right they are!
- Grind toor, channa, and moong dal together and make an effective home-made scrub!  Mix it with milk and exfoliate your skin once a week. Unclog the pores to let your skin breathe.
- We’ve got one more skin care solution - head towards the fruit bowl, the next time you spot a blemish. Peel a sweet lime or mausambi, and apply its juice on your blemishes. Experience the magic of Vitamin C; watch it will clear away all spots and tighten skin pores.

If you want to save yourself from all this trouble and are looking for a quick fix, Dabur’s Turmeric Herbal Bleach is your antidote. The new Turmeric Herbal No Ammonia* Bleach is inspired from homemade ubtan. With the power of turmeric, it lightens your skin tone, giving it a healthy glow and its antiseptic properties reduce skin irritation while bleaching. It suits all skin types. It is the first dermatologically tested bleach which is safe on the skin. And ‘no ammonia’ is always great news. So go on and make blemishes history. Also read on how to get fair skin naturally.

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